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Everton Football Club are based out of Liverpool in Merseyside and have played a record 113 seasons in the top flight. Everton have won nine league titles and five FA Cups. Everton hasn’t won the league since the Premier League era came to fruition and aren’t in the top favorites to do so in the 2016-17 campaign either. Liverpool is Everton’s main rival as both teams are based in Liverpool. The rivalry between the two teams is extremely and felt by players and fans alike. [+]

Known as the Merseyside Derby, and one can expect all kinds of emotion and excitement when Liverpool and Everton take to the field against one another.

Should you back Everton this season and when is the opportune time to do so? Have a look below as we offer our insight into Everton’s forthcoming Premier League season. 


Best Everton Sportsbook Odds

The details of Everton’s next game can be seen below along with all the relevant betting lines. These prices are updated constantly to ensure you get on at the best price. [+]

Consider the over/under market when betting on Everton. Since losing David Moyes as manager, Everton has focused more on attack, which has resulted in higher scoring affairs on average.  


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Everton Game Schedule

The Everton schedule can be found below. Take your time to study it and plan your bets in advance. Do lots of research and keep your finger on the pulse to ensure highest returns. 



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Everton Standings Today

Have a look below and reference the league standings to see how Evertion is performing. Analyse past performanes to see where the best future bets lie.  [+]

When performing well, Everton can pushing for a top six finish. Qualifying for European competitions is important as it brings in extra revenue and allows clubs to attract better players.



How To Make Money Betting On Everton

There are still numerous opportunities to make money betting on Everton. You just have to look a little deeper and delve into the analytics.

In the 2015 campaign, we saw Everton finish in 11th place in the Premier League. They scored a very respectable 59 goals, but were let down by conceding 55 goals.

We recommend betting the over for the majority of Everton games, more particluarly when their opponents have a formidable attack. 

Steer clear of Everton futures bets as they are too inconsistent. Everton has a chance to qualify for a European competiion if they play well throughout the season but that’s the best to expect from the current Merseyside outfil.  

Holding onto Romelu Lukaku will be key to Everton’s success. The Belgium international is strong, fast and lethal in front of goal. He has all the tools and finished up the season as Everton’s top scorer with 18 goals in the Premier League.

Another way to make money on Everton is to look outside the Premier League. Everton will put a lot of emphasis into cup competions, so a an FA Cup futures bet is worth a punt.

In the 2015/16 season, Everton were semi finalists in the FA Cup and League Cup. Everton sees it as a realistic chance of silverware and will field a strong team in both competitions. 

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