Many years ago Sunderland was a dominant force, winning six top-flight titles and finishing runner up an additional five times. They also have two FA Cup trophies. Sunderland has struggled to stay in the Premier League lately, often pulling off Houdini-lke escapes to avoid relegation. That was until their luck ran out in 2016-17, when Sunderland was relegated from the Premier League. Sunderland supporters might have to wait for a while before their beloved team returns to the top flight. 

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Sunderland Standings Today

Sunderland should at least make the Championship playoffs in the coming season but make sure they’re progressing in the right way before making your bets. 

How To Make Money Betting On Sunderland

Sunderland will ply their trade in the Championship for the coming 2017-18 season. There are many reasons for the team's demise and we'll highlight the ones that had the most devastating effect. 

Firstly, David Moyes' stoic and pessimistic overtures did not help matters. He basically promised Sunderland fans that the team would be in a relegation dogfight for the duration of the season. Those comments do not instill confidence in a team. 

Also, they just didn't have the qualty up front to score enough goals, barrring of course Jermain Defoe, who will play for Bournemouth in the upcoming season. 

Sunderland scored 29 goals, the second fewest in the Premier League. Only Middlesbrough, with 27, scored less. It was one of the major reasons Sunderland was relegated, but by no means was it the only reason. Sunderland had the dubious worst-home-label in the league, gaining only 14 points from 57. They won a measley three games at the Stadium of Light, not exactly the performances home faitful are proud of. 

Sunderland weren't much better away from home, further compounding the team's unremitting misery. Only 10 away points gained, Sunderland tied Leicester and Middlesbrough for the thrid worst away record in the league. 

David Moyes is no longer Sunderland's manager, which will offer the Sunderland faithful some hope going forward. Do they have what it takes to bounce immediately back into the Premier League? Probably not. 

This Black Cats team don't have the pedigree, or physical prowess to combat a grueling Championship season. Expect the Black Cats to remain in the Championship for a few seasons before they get it right. 

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