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Having never won a Stanley Cup and only making one finals appearance in 46 years, Buffalo seem to be consistently stuck in a rut. Buffalo lacks a reliable superstar but, in Jack Eichel, have found a special talent now may have the pieces in place to turn the ship around. Matt Moulson was part of a similar rebuild for the Islanders before being traded and now might be able to help fasttrack Eichel’s progression. Fans in upstate New York are hoping that Eichel can bring the Sabres back to the glory days of when Dominik Hasek led the Sabres to the Stanley Cup while amassing six Vezina trophies. Buffalo is not going to turn it around instantly, though, so make sure you don’t get overzealous when betting on the Sabres 

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When placing a wager on the Sabres find out who they play next and see if you can get a feeling on how the teams matchup by researching some key statistics.

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Look at the Buffalo Sabres schedule to get a jump on what bets you’re thinking about making. You won’t get caught with your pants down as long as you put in the required pre-game work.

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It’s as important to check where the Buffalo Sabres opponents sit in the standings as it will offer some invaluable insight into potential betting options.

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The Buffalo Sabres have a very bright future if everything falls in place. Buffalo’s acquisition of Eichel in the draft instantly shifted the culture of the team. Buffalo has a long way to go but things certainly could be worse.