If you are an old-school bettor, than the NHL’s Atlantic Division is the division for you. When you talk about a division rich in history and tradition, the Atlantic Division has it over all of the league’s other divisions. Those paragons of old-time hockey – Eddie Shore (Boston Bruins), Toe Blake (Montreal Canadiens) and Dit Clapper (Boston Bruins) – anointed to this status in the hockey cult film Slap Shot, all plied their trade with Atlantic Division clubs. The Toronto Maple Leafs garnered a national following in the 1930s thanks to Foster Hewitt’s radio broadcasts. [+]

The Detroit Red Wings were the first American team to win back-to-back Stanley Cups and the only U.S.-based team able to compete with the Leafs and Canadiens during the Original Six era.

Don’t discount the younger teams in this bracket. The Ottawa Senators and Buffalo Sabres keep proving that small markets can achieve big things, both playing in the Stanley Cup Final. The Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning also have played in the Cup final series, the Lightning winning it all in 2004.

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The NHL’s Atlantic Division may be the most wide open, and that is music to the ears of a bettor. Tight competitive games mean better odds and more chances to come out ahead. [+]

The Atlantic Division has featured a different winner in each season since NHL realignment in 2013. Ir is the only division are the only NHL division in which each team has played in a Stanley Cup Final. And if you factor in the original version of the Ottawa Senators from 1917-34, five of the seven teams have lifted Lord Stanley’s mug aloft.

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What Are The Atlantic Division Standings Today

If betting on NHL Atlantic Division games is something you intend to particpate in, then this is where your day should always start, with a persual of the up to date Atlantic Division standings.


How To Make Money Betting On The Atlantic Division

Look for factors that can play into successful wagering, such as a team embarking upon a lengthy Western road sojourn, or perhaps a club slated to play three times in four nights. Teams will often start their back-up goalie in the second game of back-to-back games, evenings when an upset is more likely on the cards. 

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When you talk NHL history, you're talking about the Atlantic Division. The Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins first played in the Stanley Cup Final in 1930. The Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs originally clashed with the Stanley Cup on the line in 1936. The Red Wings and Canadiens met five times for the Stanley Cup between 1952-66 and the Leafs and Canadiens battled in the Cup final on three occasions between 1959-67.

Though they can't play each other in the Cup final any longer, these legendary, tradition-filled match-ups are always fueled by passion and intensity no matter what time of year they meet, and that's always a tasty recipe for solid wagering opportunities.