The Hurricanes, by stockpiling defensemen through the NHL entry draft, have opted to follow the blueprint of the Predators and the result is perhaps the deepest corps of young defenders in the league. But they are also dealing with the same issues that held the Predators back for years, a lack of consistent offense and a dearth of talent at center. The best teams win with depth down the middle, and you don’t have to look far to know that the Hurricanes need to address this issue to become a playoff team.


Who Do The Carolina Hurricanes Play Next

Check out who the Carolina Hurricanes play next if you are interested in placing wagers. Make sure you know all the ins and outs about Carolina’s next game.  [+]

Always look into both teams prior to the game as the overall record is not always the best indicator of how the encounter will transpire. Look into recent offensive production as well as how each team fares on the road and at home to get the best idea prior to wagering. 

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Carolina Hurricanes Game Schedule

The Carolina Hurricanes game schedule allows you to look ahead and find favorable matchups to bet on before there are any shifts in the game lines. 

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Carolina Hurricanes Standings Today

The Hurricanes standings are your best indicator on whether the team is playing well or not. If you see the Hurricanes continually struggling, it may be time to put any future bets to bed. 

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How To Make Money Betting On Carolina Hurricanes

Betting on the Carolina Hurricanes isn't easy an easy undertaking, but can still be very profitable. The Hurricanes have struggled for years and if it wasn't for their Stanley Cup win in 2005-06 after the lockout, they would have likely been a candidate for relocation. Carolina is now slowly on the upswing. So, identify what works best for the Hurricanes and bet accordingly. 

While the Carolina Hurricanes may be in a tough spot now, they won the Stanley Cup in 2005-06 and capped it off with one of the greatest Game 7 showdowns of all time. Many other teams would kill for the chance to win a single Stanley Cup so things could be much worse in Carolina.