Alex Ovechkin has been a goal scoring machine since he entered the league but the Caps are still to reach the eminent heights expected of the underachieving franchise. The Capitals became a better future pick each year as it seems more and more unlikely that Ovechkin will go another season without winning a championship, yet we are still waiting for the Great 8 to lift Lord Stanley’s hardware. With a supporting cast most teams would kill for, the Capitals have the world in the palm of their hand. But when will they make good on mere promise. 

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The Washington Capitals have yet to win a Stanley Cup and have not made it to the Eastern Conference Finals in Alex Ovechkin's time with the team. Washington has actually been woefully inept when it comes to the most important part of the season.

On paper, the Capitals have everything it takes to win a Stanley Cup, besides the experience of actually winning, which is the most important facet of a Cup run.