When working on a sportsbook for the New York Islanders, there are several factors to consider. The most notable thing hanging over the team like a menacing cloud is the arena they play in. The Barclay’s Center is very clearly a temporary home for the Islanders, one their players haven’t taken to kindly. The Islanders have shown maturity to deal with the change but aren’t playing the kind of hockey at home required to compete for a Stanley Cup, not yet anyway. [+]

The Islanders have been patient while enduring years of pain and suffering, the team seeking to build a team that will someday pay big dividends for the four-time-Stanley-Cup-winning franchise. 

Who Do The New York Islanders Play Next

You want to always make sure you know who the New York Islanders play next, especially within their own division. The Islanders are a team with heated rivalries in the tri-state area. [+]

And they tend to really rise to the challenge against divisional foes. Use this tool to determine how the Islanders may do against their next opponent by tracking both teams’ stats. It will help you make the best choice before they drop the puck.

NHL - League 2023
Tuesday, Dec 05, 202307:30 PM
San Jose Sharks@New York Islanders
NHL - League 2023
Thursday, Dec 07, 202307:30 PM
Columbus Blue Jackets@New York Islanders
NHL - League 2023
Saturday, Dec 09, 202307:30 PM
Los Angeles Kings@New York Islanders
Last update on Dec 6, 2023 05:46 AM

New York Islanders Game Schedule

When looking at the New York Islanders game schedule, you want to check out densely packed stints of the schedule and make sure that you flag those as points of potential duress.

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New York Islanders Standings Today

When looking at the New York Islanders standings, see if they have dropped since last time you checked. If the team is trending downward, it may be a sign to lay low until they figure it out.

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How To Make Money Betting On New York Islanders

Though today it seems like ancient history, the fact of the matter is that at one point the Islanders were the scourge of the NHL. From 1979 through 1982-83 they won four successive Stanley Cups, something that no other American-based franchise has accomplished in a century of NHL play.