The Edmonton Oilers experienced great success from 1983-1990, winning five Stanley Cup championships led by all-time great Wayne Gretzky. This established them as one of hockey’s greatest dynasties.

After Gretzky’s departure, the team went through an extended playoff drought and struggles. But behind current superstar Connor McDavid, the modern Oilers returned to the postseason in 2017 for the first time in over a decade, sparking hope of a new era of contention.

While wary of directly quoting the provided material, I can convey its overall narrative of the Oilers seeking to recapture past glories on the back of exceptional talent like McDavid, after years of fan frustration. The storied franchise aims to prove it still belongs among the NHL’s elite.

Who Do The Edmonton Oilers Play Next

The Oilers next game is an important reference point for hockey bettors. You’ll want to analyze the matchup and dig into their previous encounters, while keeping a close eye on the odds.


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Edmonton Oilers Game Schedule

The Oilers schedule is important for a number of reasons, namely for prospecting future betting opportunities. Have a look at when the Oilers return from a long road trip. [+]

Or see if they’re playing on back-to-back nights. Are they enjoying a homestand against inferior opponents who can’t buy a win on their travels? These are the kind of statistics that will help formulate your betting strategy.

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For years a solid betting underdog, the arrival of Connor McDavid has morphed the Oilers into a budding contender and a team to watch out for every night. [+]

The Oilers are no longer the free spot on the NHL bingo card, and with their explosive offense, should often be considered for an over bet on total wagering.

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There's a new twist to the plot in Edmonton, where after years of being looked down upon and scoffed at. Suddenly the Oilers are a team with expectations being placed upon their shoulders. With top two forwards Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl locked into long-term contracts, the Oilers should be good for years to come.

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Beyond what they might accomplish in terms of wins and losses, with McDavid in the fold, the Oilers star will always be a solid bet in future wagering for the Art Ross and Hart Trophies. And with Edmonton's star rising, don't rule out the day when McDavid contends for a Conn Smythe Trophy as well.