So close, yet so far. For years, the San Jose Sharks were the NHL’s next great team in waiting. Next year was always going to be their year, but their year never came. Sensational regular-season performances were persistently followed by playoff heartache, and for all their positive press clippings, the Sharks are still awaiting their first Stanley Cup title. They’ve changed coaches a few times in an attempt to add more bite to their game, switched goalies and swapped personnel. [+]

But today the question regarding the Sharks, as their key players near the end of their fine NHL careers, is has their window of opportunity to win the Stanley Cup closed down upon their own awaiting hands?

Who Do The San Jose Sharks Play Next

Beloved for their animated Shark logo and trendy teal uniforms, the Sharks had a following among young hockey fans way before they ever had a successful on-ice outfit.  [+]

As they improved and started to make some inroads into the playoffs, the people who’d jumped aboard the Sharks bandwagon for their fashion statement anxiously awaited their favorite team to make a statement between the boards. You know what? They’re still waiting.

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San Jose Sharks Game Schedule

Below you will find the San Jose Sharks game schedule. Playing in California’s Bay Area, the Sharks are natural rivals with the NHL’s two other California-based franchises. [+]

The rivalry with the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks is fueled by the fact that both the Kings and Ducks have both won the Stanley Cup, a bauble that continues to elude the Sharks. 

Regardless, the Sharks are generally a tough team to beat in their home rink, affectionately known as the Shark Tank by the club’s fans. When the Sharks go to the power play and the theme from Jaws plays over the arena sound system, the daunting sensation that creates is palpable.

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San Jose Sharks Standings Today

These are the current standings for the San Jose Sharks. A consistent playoff participant, more seasons than not you will find the Sharks comfortably above the danger zone. [+]

While studying where the Sharks are situated in the overall picture, it’s always a wise move by the prospective San Jose Sharks bettor to educate themselves on the location of San Jose’s upcoming opponent in the standings. Is that next team on the way to San Jose a traditional rival, or a team nearby and needing points for its own playoff push? Are they an Eastern team working their way through a West Coast road trip? All of this data should be taken into account, because it will impact your wagering strategy.

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How To Make Money Betting On San Jose Sharks

The California Seals were the NHL's first foray into California's Bay Area when they joined the league as a 1967 expansion franchise. The San Francisco Seals were a longtime success story as a minor pro team in the Western League and there were high hopes for them in the big time, but a combination of shady ownership and poor personnel decisions doomed them to failure and the Seals left for Cleveland in 1976.

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The Sharks gave the Bay Area a second chance in 1991, and this time around, they got it right. You can argue all you want about the Sharks' playoff struggles over their history, the fact of the matter is they've been one of the NHL's most successful franchises from the moment they first hit the ice, at least in terms of marketing strategies. 

If betting on the Sharks is your gameplan, a piece of advice - the smart money is on them during the regular season, but it's a wary bettor who backs the Sharks come playoff time.