You’ve seen those commercials marketing how laid back and easy going Californians are. You might have noticed that there are no hockey players in these ads. The NHL Pacific Division features three teams from sunny California and when the Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks and San Jose Sharks arrive at game time, there’s nothing laid back or easy going about what these teams bring to the ice. Those three clubs have proven dominant in the Pacific Division over the past decade and the Ducks and Kings have both brought home the Stanley Cup to the state over that time period.  [+]

Not that you should discount the other teams in the division. The Vancouver Canucks played for the Stanley Cup as recently as 2011 and the Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames and Arizona Coyotes have been stockpiling young talent for the past few years and it shouldn’t be long until this a top to bottom competitive group. All in all, this deep division should make for good wagering options, both today and in the future.

Best NHL Pacific Division Sportsbook Odds

The NHL Pacific Division is comprised of a number of teams at different stages of their development and the wise bettor is aware of which team is at each of these stages. [+]

Teams like the Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks have all committed to winning right now and have played recently in the Stanley Cup final. The Edmonton Oilers are a club on the way up, the Calgary Falems seem close to that status as well, while the Vancouver Canucks and Arizona Coyotes are retolling their core with youth.

The new kids on the block are the Las Vegas Golden Knights, added via expansion as the NHL’s 31st team in 2017. How quickly they can become a factor in the Pacific Division picture is anyone’s guess but with the best expansion entry options of any team, it might not take as long as it did with other expansion franchises.

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What Are The Pacific Division Standings Today

These are the Pacific Division standings and they offer a wealth of information to anyone considering a wager on games involving teams from this division. [+]

Follow them on a daily basis; make it a habit to know the ups and downs of each team. Recognize trends, such as which teams tend to carry the day at home and which teams find it difficult to take their show on the road. You will note that some teams are loaded with scoring talent, while others rely on playing airtight defense. Keep track of these elements and you will be on your way to successful wagering on the Pacific Division.


How To Make Money Betting On Pacific Division

The Pacific Division is the only of the NHL's four divisions that does not contain a team that was part of the league prior to 1967. But don't mistake that for believing there isn't plenty of tradition within its confines. The Los Angeles Kings joined the NHL as part of the 1967 expansion, and in the 1970s, with Marcel Dionne scoring and Rogie Vachon in goal, they were the best team nobody ever saw, playing in the West Coast time zone in the era before 24-hour sports stations. The San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks entered the league in the 1990s and quickly became powerful franchises.

The Vancouver Canucks came aboard in the 1970 expansion and have played three times for the Stanley Cup. When the NHL merged with the WHA in 1979, two of the four teams absorbed into the league were the Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets. The Oilers built a powerhouse squad, winning five Stanley Cups from 1984-90. The Jets weren't as successful and in 1996, the franchise was relocated to Phoenix, becoming the Coyotes. The Calgary Flames were also the product of relocation when the expansion Atlanta Flames moved north in 1980, winning the Stanley Cup in 1989. And in 2017, the expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights were added to the picture.

So there's a wealth of rich history in the Pacific Division, lots of interesting back stories and most importantly of all, with so many quality teams, plenty of solid wagering opportunities to pursue.