There are teams considered to be playoff-ready and playoff-hardened. The Los Angeles Kings are, in perpetuity, on top of that list. Winning a best-of-seven post-season series from the Kings is a handful for even the most talented and determined teams. They come at you with size and play a hard, heavy game, constantly wearing on the opposition. Fighting your way past one large and imposing King after another gets tiresome in more ways than one and eventually, frustration will settle into an opponent’s psyche.

Who Do The Los Angeles Kings Play Next

Is the next opponent for the Los Angeles Kings a divisional rival, a top Western Conference foe, or an East Coast team nearing the end of a long western road trek? [+]

These are all questions you must know the answer to before even considering making a wager on the next Kings game. 

As with any Pacific-based franchise, the Kings face a demanding schedule that often sees them racking up the frequent flier miles as they trek around North America on long road sojourns. It can take a toll on them and there will be times when even the big, bad Kings don’t seem so imposing.

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Los Angeles Kings Game Schedule

Here you will find the game schedule for the Los Angeles Kings. With its number of back to back games and scenarios of three games in four nights and five games in eight days, the NHL schedule is a journey populated with arduous challenges and dangerous pitfalls. [+]

Even a physically punishing team like the Kings can be worn down at times over its course by this demanding slate. There are certain games when all of this can be thrown away like so much trash. When the Kings face crosstown rivals the Anaheim Ducks or the Chicago Blackhawks, so often their foil in the battle for Western Conference supremacy, the rivalry is so intense that how either team is playing coming into the game is often irrelevant.

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Los Angeles Kings Standings Today

This is where the Los Angeles Kings are currently situated in the NHL standings. Often, where the Kings are located at the present time is not that relevant in terms of whether they are a wise investment in terms of a wager on one of their games. [+]

The mantra in today’s parity-driven NHL is just get into the playoffs and then see if you can do any damage and the Kings are the reason why this belief is so popular. In 2012, they barely squeaked into the playoffs as the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference, but once at the dance, quickly turned into Cinderella, driving all the way to a Stanley Cup title.

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How To Make Money Betting On Los Angeles Kings

Joining the NHL as one of the six 1967 expansion franchises and clad in their garish purple and gold uniforms, it was originally hard to take the Kings seriously. They became a solid NHL franchise in the mid-1970s, led by scoring sensation Marcel Dionne and the stellar goaltending of Rogatien Vachon, but no one noticed, because in the days before ESPN and 24-hour sports coverage, the Kings played in virtual anonymity. 

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Today's Kings became legitimate in 1988 when they acquired Wayne Gretzky, and in 1993 were the first California-based NHL team to play in the Stanley Cup final. It took another decade to get over the top and win it all but nowadays, no one laughs at the Kings. They fear them.