The first California-based NHL team to win the Stanley Cup, the Anaheim Ducks have been working relentlessly to get back to hockey’s promised land ever since. They seem to have it all going for them – superstar talent up front, skilled, mobile defense, solid goaltending, capable role players – but in the rugged Western Conference, getting over the top and coming out alive is a feat that the Ducks have been unable to repeat since the 2006-07 Cup-winning campaign. [+]

With the talent they have at their disposal, you get the feeling that they are going to get it right and that the day is going to come sooner rather than later. 

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A contending team for several seasons, the Ducks haven’t been able to escape the grind of the Western Conference playoff race despite being considered a Stanley Cup favorite. [+]

They keep retooling and reshaping their roster in pursuit of that final piece of the puzzle, seeking to make their Stanley Ciup dream a reality before their core stars grow past their prime. But with so many deep squads blocking their path to Stanley Cup glory, the task doesn’t grow any easier as the seasons pass.

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Anaheim Ducks Game Schedule

Here you will find located the Anaheim Ducks game schedule. As with all teams that play on the West Coast, the schedule is rarely their friend. [+]

Long road trips are often the order of the day and four, five and six-game road swings will happen for them four or five times during the course of the 82-game slate. These are the occasions when the Ducks can become worn down and susceptible to be the vicitm of an upset, so watch for these betting opportunities and be prepared to strike while the iron is hot.

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Anaheim Ducks Standings Today

These are the current standings for the Anaheim Ducks and of late, you can expect to find them at or near the top of both the Pacific Division and Western Conference groupings. [+]

The Ducks tend to be a streaky team that can get hot and steamroll its way through the opposition, or they can cool off like they’ve been in a freezer for quite some time and be as cold as the ice they skate upon. Know which Ducks are coming to the rink and you can be a successful bettor.

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A team founded from the remnants of a 1992 Disney movie and originally christened as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim when the team joined the NHL in 1993, at first the Ducks were viewed humorously in hockey circles and for a time it was tough to live down that image. A surprise run to the 2003 Stanley Cup final helped turn around the image of the franchise.

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New ownership removed the Mighty tag from the team's nickname and almost as if a curse was lifted, the Ducks actually became a mighty NHL franchise and have proven to be a handful for any team in the league ever since.