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The Premier League is one of the most competitive leagues in the world and they are no easy games. Watford will be competing against teams where money is no object week in week, but it’s a challenge that Watford was up to during the 2015-16 season. And it’s a scenario their fans will relish. The financial benefits of playing in the Premier League are huge and just a few seasons at the top can turn a club around if the money is invested wisely. [+]

However, until that happens you can expect Watford to struggle season on season, which makes betting on them a daunting task. There are, however, ample opportunities to make money by either backing or betting against Watford. It all depends on the situation. 


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The details for Watford’s next game can be found below along with the most accurate and up to date betting lines. Staying on top of current lines so you can get the best returns. 

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Watford’s schedule can be found below. Take the time to study this calendar and reap the rewards later. [+]

Betting lines will appear once available, but rating games without the lines can be a good thing. Do not be afraid to go against the book, as the lines are set by public perception rather than the actually likelihood of a result.


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Watford Standings Today

The standings are another tool a bettor has in his or her arsenal, so we recommend scanning and analyzing past performances to foment your betting strategy.  [+]

Standing no chance of qualifying for Europe toward the tail end of the season, clubs nestled in the middle of the table will often rest players and give youngsters a go. Big betting opportunities arise in this sort of scenario so do your research and bet accordingly. 



How To Make Money Betting On Watford

Watford, regardless of their 13th place finish during the 2015-16 season, is going to struggle to stay in the Premier League in the upcoming 2016-17 season, but will most likely achieve their goal if they can show the sort of resilience that kept them up last year.  

They scored 40 goals during their 38 games in 2015-16, which is just over a goal a game. Watford conceded 50 so there are going to be goals in Watford affairs. Do your research but overall we recommend betting the over line in the majority of Watford matches.

Odion Ighala was the clubs top scorer, ending the campaign on 15 goals while Troy Deeney was perhaps Watford’s best player. He bagged 15 goals to complement his 7 assists and really helped pull the team through a lot of games.

All seven of Deeney’s assists were on Ighala goals, a testament to the strength of the partnership between the two. 

Watford survived in the Premier League for the first time last season, and from Christmas onwards, their position in the top-flight was never really in doubt. This security gave the team time to settle and play pressure free soccer, which helped them to a semi final berth in the FA Cup.

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