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West Ham United Football Club are based in east London. They are one of eight clubs who have never fell below the second tier of English football and have a rather modest selection of honors. They have won three FA Cups, one European cup. In 2016 West Ham sealed a deal which will see them play their home games at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in what is a very unique deal. The deal has brought with it some controversy between fans and pundits alike. Essentially West Ham will rent the stadium, but are still able to reach sizeable earnings from tickets and refreshments. [+]

This hasn’t gone down well with broader Premier League fans as they feel it gives West Ham a huge advantage. Unlike other clubs, they will not have to fork out millions for a new ground. The upkeep of the ground will be down to the council, so essentially the tax player will be paying to maintain West Ham’s ground.

Whether you agree or not, it is happening and West Ham are set to benefit as they will have more funds free for attracting talent to the club. We suggest keeping a close eye on West Ham in the next few years as this deal, along with having a wonderful manager, Slaven Bilic, at the reigns with a more than capable team, might enable the Hammers to challenge for the top four spots and potentially an all-coveted Champions League spot. 

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Below you will see the details for West Ham’s next fixture as well as the most up to date betting lines. Make sure to head back here reguarly, so you’re on top of any line movements.


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West Ham Game Schedule

Every team has an intensive schedule that is packed between August and May. Take your time to study West Ham’s calendar and reap the rewards. [+]

There are many factors to consider when looking to make soccer bets, including how well a team is scoring, recent form, streaks among a litany of other pertinent information. Streaks can often come when West Ham have numerous home games against weaker opposition. 


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West Ham Standings Today

The standings don’t always give you the whole picture, but offers some invaluable insight that will aid you win betting on West Ham United. [+]

The standings will offer the most value to you towards the end of the season. Each season the Premier League relegates the bottom three teams into a lower division, the top four teams qualifying for the prestigious Champions League while fifth and sixth places gain entrance into the Europa League. 

West Ham could feasibly be anywhere in the standings from 5th to 15th place,  so knowing the stakes of each game is crucial. Teams that are relatively safe in the middle of the table and have no chance of qualifying for European cup competitions are more likely to take their feet off the gas. Take full advantage of these scenarios. 

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How To Make Money Betting On West Ham

West Ham United has been improving year on year and are pleased as punch to have a great manager, Bilic, some excellent players (Andy Carroll and Dimitri Payet to name a few) and a new home to bolster club finances. Things are looking rosy in West Ham so pay close attention. If they can retain their best players, we expect the Hammers to climb the Premiership ladder. 

West Ham are always good for overs bets. They have a very poor record in terms of goal difference for a club that is always in the top flight and have previoulsy finished in the top half of the table with a negative goal difference.

In the 2015 season, West Ham scored an average of 1.71 goals per game while conceding 1.34 goals. The line is usually set at 2.5, so bet the over for the majority of West Ham games and reap the returns. 

Dimitri Payet signed in the summer before the 2015 season and was instrumental in West Ham’s success. He was involved in more of the Hammers goals than any other player, despite being injured for a long spell during the season. He factored in on 21 goals during the 2015-16 season, scoring nine himself. He is extremely precise and lethal form dead-ball situations which makes the diminutive midfielder a great bet to score in any given game.

Ready to bet on West Ham United? Have a look below and pick your favorite sportsbook. 

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