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BetUS makes a bold claim loud and clear — "we guarantee you the biggest and best bonuses in the business, period." Does it live up to that lofty declaration? 

We hate to speak in absolute terms, but BetUS definitely ranks up there with the best betting promotions. They have every type of bonus a bettor could hope for — sign-up, reload, casino, free bet, and so much more. Variety truly is the spice of life when it comes to BetUS bonus.

Over the course of this guide, we'll give you all the must-knows about earning and cashing out BetUS bonuses. There's a ton of ground to cover so buckle up! 

50% Bonus 50% First Deposit Bonus
  1. 1 Create your account on => click here
  2. 2Visit the BetUS Sportsbook by clicking on this link
  3. 3Open a new BetUS betting account
  4. 4Make the min deposit as stipulated
  5. 5BetUS will drop your sign-up bonus directly into your account!
Max Bonus
Min Deposit
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BetUS Features
  • Up to 50% cash back on your first deposit
  • The more you deposit, the higher your bonus
Up to 50% cash back on your first deposit The bonus offer includes 10% that is returned in casino chips Sign up Now

BetUS Bonus Rules


  • $100-$299 deposit earns a 10 percent bonus.
  • $300-$499 deposit earns a 15 percent bonus.
  • $500-$999 deposit earns a 20 percent bonus.
  • $1,000-$1,999 deposit earns a 30 percent bonus.
  • $2,000-$4,999 deposit earns a 35 percent bonus.
  • $5,000 to $9,999 deposit earns a 40 percent bonus.
  • $10,000 or more deposit earns a 50 percent bonus.

Earning the BetUS Sign Up Bonus

There's not a more common nor more lucrative bonus than the sign-up deal. No matter the betting site, they all work in the same fashion: upon signing up, your first deposit into the site will be matched a certain percentage in free cash by the site.

BetUS is no different in this regard, offering as much as a 50-percent match on the initial deposit of first-time players. That match percentage is pretty common, but there are multiple competitors that do a 100-percent match, so BetUS offering leaves a bit to be desired.

You won't need a BetUS promo code to redeem this sign-up bonus. It's applied automatically after sign up and the initial deposit. 

When signing up, players have the option to open a "regular account" or a cryptocurrency account. Both can be completed in minutes, but the latter option is slightly more lucrative as we'll explain next.

It Pays To Play With Cryptocurrency on Bet US

There is no bigger trend in online betting right now than crypto. Betting sites far and wide are beginning to not only accept crypto as a form of payment, but they're even enticing players to use it over traditional money with big-money bonuses. 

Likewise, BetUS has its own cryptocurrency bonus and it's a money racker-up. When using crypto to redeem any bonus across the site, BetUS will add an extra 25 percent on top of the regular reward.  

Case in point the aforementioned sign-up bonus. If you opt for creating a "cryptocurrency account" and deposit with said crypto, you actually earn a 75 percent match bonus. This is just one example but also applies to reload bonuses which we'll get to shortly.

Currently, BetUS accepts four cryptos as a payment method — Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. There's a ton of other digital currencies in the marketplace, but these four tend to be the most widely used.  

But earning heftier bonuses is only one advantage of using crypto to transfer money in and out of Bet US. Another benefit is there are zero transaction fees when depositing via crypto

Two, there's a ton of flexibility when it comes to depositing limits. The minimum required is a measly $10. But if you're a high roller, you can insert as much as $50,000 in crypto in a single deposit. Those limits blow the lid off what you would typically see when using bank wire or courier check. 

BetUS Membership Packages Upon Sign-Up

Remember when we said the sign-up bonus on BetUS was worth "as much as 50 percent?" We chose our words carefully because not all sign-ups are created equal on BetUS

You see, BetUS has "membership packages" for new signees. The concept is actually a unique one across the industry so allow us to explain it more in-depth.

BetUS has seven different packages for new players. Depending on how much first-time signees deposit off the bat, they'll be tiered into the appropriate package. As you can probably guess, each package has different perks and rewards associated with it. Here are the seven packages:

Package A:

  • Deposit between $100 and $299 to qualify for this tier.
  • Bonus for sign-up, reload, casino chip, and gambler's insurance is all 10 percent.

Package B:

  • Deposit between $300 and $499 to qualify for this tier.
  • Bonus for sign-up and reload jumps to 15 percent, while casino chip and gambler's insurance remains at 10 percent (where both will stay for every following tier).

Package C:

  • Deposit between $500 and $999 to qualify for this tier.
  • Bonus for sign-up and reload increase to 20 percent, while gambler's insurance stays at 10 percent again.

Package D:

  • Deposit between $1,000 and $1,999 to qualify for this tier.
  • Bonus for sign-up and reload are now 30 percent.

Package E:

  • Deposit between $2,000 and $4,999 to qualify for this tier.
  • Bonus for sign-up and reload spike to 35 percent.

Package F:

  • Deposit between $5,000 and $9,999 to qualify for this tier.
  • Bonus for sign-up and reload balloon to 40 percent. 

Package G:

  • Deposits above $10,000 qualify for this tier.
  • Bonus for sign-up and reload reach the max 50 percent limit.

Membership packages definitely favor big-money players that plan on sticking around BetUS for a long time to come. However, if you're a newbie that just wants to give BetUS a "trial run" if you will, you might want to look elsewhere. 

Reloads Are Rewarded On BetUS 

Sometimes it feels like betting sites forget about loyal players that come back time and time again to wager. They're forgotten in favor of new players, which get most of the attention when it comes to bonuses.

However, loyalty is rewarded at BetUS in the form of reload bonuses. They work in the exact same manner as the sign-up bonus, however, it can be earned on every single re-up after the initial one. The keywords there is "every single one" because there's no limit on redemption with this bonus — it's truly a life-long guarantee. 

At BetUS, the reload match bonus will depend on the initial amount deposited, as illustrated in the membership package breakdown above. The range is anywhere between 10 and 50 percent, so the more you deposit at first, the more you're rewarded over the long haul. 

Akin to the sign-up bonus, no BetUS promotion code is necessary to claim the reload deal. BetUS will credit your account with free cash automatically when re-upping. 

BetUS Casino Bonuses Are Plentiful 

We glossed over it in the membership package section above, but let's dig deeper into what's offered for casino bonuses upon sign-up at BetUS. No matter what membership package you fall into, BetUS will award players a 10 percent match in casino chips and gambler's insurance at the same percentage.

The casino chip bonus is pretty straight forward. Whatever you initially deposit in dollars will be returned in casino chips at 10 percent. So if you insert $750 — qualifying you for membership package C — you'll get a free $75 worth in casino chips.  

The 10-percent insurance is redeemable twice a year. BetUS will refund players 10 percent of all casino losses in the form of free play. Cold streaks are unavoidable in gambling so that insurance policy is a much-needed boost when the going gets tough. 

You won't need a BetUS bonus code to redeem the casino deals. BetUS will do all the work for you in the background and credit your account accordingly after sign-up and initial deposit. 

Beyond bonuses, the BetUS casino itself is pretty vast. There are more than one hundred games for bettors to choose from inside the casino. Games will range between slots to table games to video poker and everything in between. Heck, there's even video bingo and keno! 

Daily Casino Promotions At BetUS

Every single day on BetUS, there's at least one promotion, if not multiple, running inside the casino. Take Monday for example. On this day, BetUS is running a "Money Back Monday" and "Straight Flush 3-Card Poker" deal for would-be bettors.

The first bonus can net players up to $100 on live bet losses the weekend prior. The latter pays out straight flushes at a whopping 40X rate. 

And folks, that's just on Mondays. Similar deals apply on other days including Video Poker Thursdays, Super Slots Friday, and a bunch more. 

Outside of traditional bonuses, the casino also regularly runs big-money tournaments on card and table games. Most of these are one-day events, which gives you a ton of opportunities to cash out big time!

Daily Blackjack Promotions At BetUS

The casino at-large isn't alone in its once-a-day promotion offering at BetUS. The same exists for the blackjack table within the casino.

Again, it's a daily bonus thing for playing blackjack. Bonuses include Tuxedo Blackjack (suited blackjack pays two to one), On-The-Go Sunday (refunds your biggest loss while playing on a mobile device), among many others.

BetUS Sign Up Bonus 50% Bonus

BetUS Sign Up Bonus

BetUS Sign Up Bonus