There are thousands of online sportsbooks on the market today, and new ones are starting up almost daily. Books offer many types of bonus awards to incentivize you to play with them. We’re here to help you sort through the fine print to get to the meat of the offer. Like some of the “ladies” you’ll see strolling through casinos in Las Vegas, not all that glitters is gold. Knowing the difference between a bonus with true value vs one with no spine is what we do best…

Types of Sportsbook Bonus

Bonus offers can be as varied as the number of betting options at our top-rated sportsbooks. Knowing whether you should accept a signup or reload bonus, select a free play or a match-play offer depends on many things, as we outline below. Use sportsbook bonus offers to your advantage – don’t let them use you. It will make all the difference when you do. Below you’ll find a list of various types of sportsbook bonus.

Wager Bonus

A gaming incentive is a sports bonus necessitating wagering requirements to exchange it for cash. Numerous gaming incentives exist; a welcome bonus (presented after creating your initial deposit) is an incentive for new users to gamble and is one of the most important types of betting bonus when selecting a provider.

To convert a bet bonus into cash, one must place bets several times. This wagering requirement may vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. Adding arithmetic to our example can illustrate how this incentive works.

For example, if someone deposits $100 and is presented with a 100%-bonus on his deposit, they will end up with $200 in their account. Please assume that the wager demands x12 would mean the gambler should multiply 12 by 200, giving them $2,400. To cash out their earned bonus, the bettor must put down stakes totaling $2,400.

Bet of The Day

The everyday incentive is an athletics concession with a previously picked out assortment of incidents and an involved extra amount upon them. The amount of express wagers a bookie acquires in the Express bet of the Day is open-ended. All the gamer has to do is agree to the terms, and the stakes will be placed. Any alteration the player makes transforms the gamble into a usual express, unchecked by an odds enlarger. This reward epitomizes hazards and chance for what it is: the bookmaker proposes, and the participant assesses if he/she is eager to take on the danger.

Free Bet

Free bets, as mentioned previously, are the simplest type of bonus. Normally, a certain amount of money is offered to you when you deposit that cannot be exchanged for currency. For instance, it will be gone if the free $5 bet is lost. Yet, if $5 is gambled and gains another $5, real money of $5 will be accumulated. You will find that free bets are available across many bet types, whether moneylines or outright wagers; you’ll see them across the entire sportsbook.

Bet Insurance and Rebates

Bet assurance or rebate is a possibility for players who are undecided whether their wager will emerge triumphant. Some sportsbook brands give gamers a chance to guarantee a bet at any time (it is only a remunerated service at an additional cost), while others present it as a bonus given.

Bet security costs mainly depend on the chances of a precise result. You can protect the rate completely (100%) or partially. Both single and combo bets can be safeguarded. In case of a failed sports wager, the part insured is returned to the player’s account. It is a beneficial selection for more or less all types of bettors: risk is diminished, and winnings are not curtailed.

Cash Back

There are many bonuses, and the Cashback bonus is one of the most profitable rewards for customers. Typically, it offers an incomplete repayment of a loss (possibly a 5% rebate). The cashback is regularly available for a certain sport, event, competition, or just a few games (be mindful that this may alter).

Typically, the cashback is returned as a free bet or wager incentive. It depends on the sports brand you choose. This kind of reward is one of the most beloved among players. It can be incredibly encouraging when the team you had hoped to win successfully loses or if you have an unfortunate run.


Sportsbetting competitions or sports gambling events are tournaments in which individuals wager on sporting activities. Nevertheless, they are not playing against the establishment or the bookmaker. Instead, they compete with other players. Generally, a sports betting tournament continues for several days and necessitates players to estimate the results of various matchups.

Loyalty Bonus

These are exceptional internet sportsbook rewards given to steadfast clients. Sportsbetting sites utilize these rewards to protect their punters. Generally, this includes gathering loyalty points you obtain whenever you wager. Once you have hoarded a certain amount of points, you can cash them in for money, gratis bets, or any other incentive credited into your account.

High Roller Bonus

In case you are a sizable bettor with a large amount of money available to risk or the ability to stake generously, a sportsbook could offer you a high roller bonus, which is the most profitable type of betting bonus. This is usually a part of the deposit sum and can be quite ample, assisting you in adding up to 50% to your bankroll. To illustrate, quite a few sports betting sites provide a high roller bonus of 50% on deposits of $1,000 or more. These are probably the most commonly noticed internet sportsbook bonuses you can take full advantage of when wagering on your preferred sports event, game, contest, or match-up.

Sign Up Bonuses

Sign Up Bonuses

Of all the bonus offers online today, the Sign Up Bonus is the one awarded to sports bettors most often. Normally a sign up bonus is a percentage between 10 per cent and 100 per cent of your first deposit. Simply stated, a deposit of $100 that comes with a 50 per cent sign up bonus means your bankroll begins with $150 as its base amount. Often there are restrictions that come with such bonuses, such as how many times you must make rollover bets prior to being permitted to cash out, so always read the fine print before singing up to a sportsbook.

Match Bonuses

Match Bonuses

Match Bonus offers are normally the most lucrative of all bonus rewards. Only a handful of betting websites offer match bonuses as their primary offer. More often sportsbooks will use match bonuses as a special promotion during major sporting events like the World Cup of Soccer. A 100 per cent match bonus means a $50 deposit will be matched dollar for dollar by the offering sportsbook.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit Bonuses

As the title suggests, this is a offer made when you initially create your account and make your first cash deposit. The bonus offered is generally a percentage of that initial deposit amount, usually ranking from 15 per cent to 50 per cent. But always remember, although the bonus amount is credited to your account, it’s still not really your money. You must earn access to that cash by first making bets with it. Almost always there is a rollover requirement attached to the amount offered as a bonus. For instance, say a sportsboook requires a 5X rollover on its deposit bonuses. Were you to deposit $100, and the bonus offered were 50 per cent, that would mean you’d be required to wager $750 before you would be able to withdraw the bonus amount.



Reload Bonuses

Reload Bonuses

When it comes time to top up your sports betting bankroll, be sure to take advantage of solid reload bonuses if they are being offered. In many cases the reload bonus percentage will be the same, or slightly lower, than a sign up bonus. While the bonus cash is yours to keep, you must make a certain amount of wagers before you can cash out any funds obtained through a reload bonus offer.

Free Bet Bonuses

Free Bet Bonuses

Another popular player reward comes in the form of a Free Bet Bonus offer. This bonus has fixed price attached to it and must be used to make a wager on sports, the horses, or during live action slot play in the Casino. Many of our top rated sportsbooks will offer a free bet bonus at sign up or as thank you reward to be used during global events like the NFL Super Bowl.

No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses

Without a doubt, the Albatross of online bonus offers is the No Deposit Bonus. Sportsbooks offer these rewards from time to time to tempt bettors to test drive their website or during major events as a player recognition reward. No Deposit Bonus offers always carry very heavy rollover rates, along with lots of restrictions. They are valuable though, especially if you want to experience a new betting website.