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Deposit and cash out methods


Perhaps no online sportsbook has a more-recognized name than Bovada Sports — and that should tell you plenty about the website. It first began carving a name out for itself way back in 2006, predating almost every competitor on the market today.

Since then, sports bettors far and wide have flocked to Bovada betting because of its bettor-friendly odds on almost every sport imaginable and top-end sportsbook bonuses. That long history has helped earn it the trustworthy reputation it currently holds.

Over the course of this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Bovada online sports betting, including how to wager, withdrawing and depositing money, legality, plus plenty more!

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Is Bovada Legal in the US

Inevitably, the first question that comes to every first-time bettor’s mind: "is Bovada legit?" We can definitively answer, yes, it is completely legal and trusted. There’s no way the Bovada sportsbook would’ve prospered for as long as it has if it wasn’t legit.

We know the United States’ laws on sports gambling can be confusing. At the federal level, it became completely legal in 2018. However, it remains on each individual state to actually allow it within their borders. So where does Bovada fall under this?

It doesn’t. You see, Bovada lv isn’t technically operated in the United States — therefore, regular US laws don’t apply to bets made on it. Matter of fact, Bovada is run off-shore, where sports betting isn’t outlawed. This should put to rest any doubts revolving around “is bovada safe.” Believe us, it certainly is.

The only real hard rule on Bovada is age. Bettors are required to be at least 18 years old to join and play.

How to withdraw money from Bovada

Surely, the second question that comes to mind for would-be bettors is "how to cash out on Bovada?" Part of Bovada’s charm is how quick and painless it is to transfer money — both deposit in and out of the website. Let’s dive into the Bovada withdrawal options:

Bovada Bitcoin

In a truly game-changing move, Bitcoin withdrawal is now possible on Bovada. Bitcoin is a digital currency that’s shaking up the industry. It's becoming more accepted globally by the day with bank institutions and retailers, which is no surprise given its many benefits.

Chief among those benefits is security. Bitcoin has never been hacked. Not once. That’s mainly due to how it stores your information. Nothing ever goes into a server like say a bank account or social media and email account. Information is kept within the device you’re using (e.g. iPhone or Windows PC). Unless someone has direct access to said device, your information remains safe and private.

Withdrawal can happen using regular Bitcoin or its spin-off Bitcoin Cash. The latter is newer, being introduced in 2016. Bitcoin Cash benefits from cheaper transaction fees and faster transfer times. However, Bitcoin — the original cryptocurrency — is still the most adopted form of digital currency

Other available cryptocurrencies for depositing and withdrawing are Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, and LiteCoin.

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Check By Courier

If you’re not on the Bitcoin bandwagon just yet (which you should be, given the reason we just outlined), then you can always resort to a tried-and-true option like check by carrier. With this option, Bovada will mail you a winnings check right to your door.

How exactly do I request a withdrawal?

Ok, now that we’ve covered what methods are available, how do you actually request a payout on Bovada? No exaggeration, it takes less than five clicks to request a withdrawal.

Once logged in, click into your account. From there, you’ll see options for “deposit” and “withdraw”, click the latter. You’ll be given the full list of options (which we just covered). Click the preferred method and key in the amount you want to withdraw. After, just click “request withdrawal” and you’re off the races.

You should be redirected to a confirmation page with a reference number. Keep this in handy in case you need to reach out to customer service. Simple enough, right?

How long do Bovada Payouts take

For starters, all withdrawal requests need to be approved by Bovada first before being processed. Requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Approvals typically occur within 24 or 48 hours.

From there, payout times depend on the method used. As you’ll see, they vary greatly from one another.

If you’re looking for the quickest turnaround time then Bitcoin is the no-brainer choice. Money can be pulled out within the same business day, sometimes as fast as within 15 minutes. However, money can only be withdrawn via Bitcoin if you used Bitcoin to deposit as well.

Unfortunately, the same lightning-quick turnaround time doesn’t apply to check. This method typically takes between 10 and 15 business days to complete. Fees might also apply if you cash out via check. Bovada allows one free withdrawal check every 90 days. If you need any more, it’s a $100 processing fee per request.

No such withdrawal fees apply to Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash, in case you needed one more reason to use the cryptocurrency.

How to place a bet in Bovada

A common concern among new bettors is typically how to get started. Let us quell those concerns and assure you it’s really not that difficult. Matter of fact, Bovada’s sign-up and betting process will get you into the betting game in a matter of minutes.

First things first, you’ll need to create a user account. On the top right corner of Bovada’s website you’ll find a big “Join” button. Click and fill out the information — name, date of birth (remember, you have to be at least 18 to join), email, password, etc. You’ll have to verify your age with a photo of a government-issued ID, though.

Next, you’ll need to add money to your account. Bovada has four deposit methods available for bettors — Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Card (both debit and credit), and Zelle wire transfer. Use any of the options to fund your account.

Just remember, new bettors can benefit from a sign-up bonus. Depending on the amount you first deposit, Bovada will match a portion of that with free money. No, that’s not a typo, free money can be yours! Make sure to brush up on what Bovada bonus code is currently available.

Now that you have an account with money in it, you’re free to bet on anything and everything that’s open. Simply click the “sports” tab on the main menu to see every bet currently offered. Bovada has all their available bets broken up neatly by sport.

If you’re wondering how to parlay on Bovada, just add multiple bets to your slip. Once you have more than one, you’ll find a “parlay” button that will automatically combine them. We all know winning one bet is fun, but hitting on a Bovada parlay is really fun!

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Betting NFL at Bovada

No sport dominates the betting landscape in the United States more than NFL. Naturally, Bovada has a range of lines available for the league from preseason all the way to Super Bowl Sunday.

Of course, there’s the typical spread, point totals, and moneyline wagers. Those are givens at Bovada, not only with the NFL, but all sports. However, Bovada also offers a bevy of options for prop betting and futures, which can make the NFL season really worthwhile.

With so much variation, the toughest decision for bettors could be which bets to actually take — which is a good problem for any online sportsbook to have.

Betting Golf at Bovada

Golf is a big-money sport. Not only for the PGA tour players themselves but for bettors who know how to handicap Bovada golf, as well.

Pick any PGA Tour event and you can count on Bovada PGA having odds readily available, including futures and Bovada player props.

Betting on the four major tournaments — the Masters, PGA Championship, the U.S. Open, and the British Open — is almost a mandatory bet at this point. Due to the widespread interests in those tourneys, Bovada will really up the ante when it comes to player props.

Betting UFC at Bovada

Fight fans are more than welcomed at Bovada, too. Whether it's your typical UFC fight card or a circus show the likes of Bovada McGregor-Mayweather boxing match, you can bet on Bovada having odds on fight night.

It’s worth pointing out that Bovada MMA wagering selection extends well past Bovada UFC. Betting lines for other promotions such as Bellator or Combate Americas are also readily available.

But of course, the ever-popular UFC still reigns supreme in the MMA world. Come a big card, which usually falls on Saturday, Bovada will have every fight — from the free-to-watch undercard to big-money main event — available for betting.

Betting Kentucky Derby Futures at Bovada

Horse racing odds are also abundant on Bovada. These should appease both hardcore and casual race fans alike.

For the lukewarm fans that only pay attention to the Triple Crown races, Bovada has you covered on all three. The fun starts with Kentucky Derby odds, followed by Preakness Stakes, and finally, the Belmont Stakes. Futures will be available for each leg well in advance of race time.

If you follow the sport year-round, Bovada also offers betting lines for the races that don’t attract wide-spread attention. On top of futures, you’ll find a range of prop bets, too.

Mobile Betting On Bovada LV

Betting on the go via a mobile device is a big industry trend, one that Bovada is currently riding themselves. Bovada’s mobile services can be accessed by downloading its iOS and Android app (also named Bovada) or simply accessing its main site via a phone or tablet.

Using either the app or the mobile site gives you an almost identical experience to the full desktop website experience. Simply log into your account, scroll around to find a bet, and place a wager.

However, if there is one big benefit to using the mobile features, it’s the live betting feature. You can bet on games as they’re ongoing, that way you get a feel for the matchup before putting skin into the game. Live betting is also available on desktop, but it’s much more convenient to use via a mobile device. Imagine you’re watching the game/event in a crowded bar or on the couch, would you rather thumb around on your phone or a big laptop? Yeah, we think the answer is obvious.

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Is Bovada a good betting site?

All in all, where does Bovada rank among the crowded field of online sportsbooks? It’s among the upper echelon for sure.

Seriously, they’ve been doing online sports wagering longer than almost all competitors. This hardened experience has given them an edge over newcomers in more ways than one.

Perhaps most important is the trust factor. You know you won’t be scammed by Bovada. This relieves any anxiety about depositing or pulling money out, which is usually top of mind for new bettors.

Advantage two is the array of bets it offers. All major sports and events are covered, along with more obscure ones that you won’t easily find anywhere else on the net. Having so many available options truly makes Bovada a one-stop destination for betting.

In our mind, Bovada is the go-to platform for betting inside America. And here’s the thing, it’s probably only going to get better. Bovada is continually rolling out features to enhance the betting experience. That commitment to excellence, as the late Al Davis would say, should be admired by bettors.

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