The two most powerful words in the English dictionary might befree” and “money.” No matter what income bracket you reside in, those two words repeated back-to-back are sure to grab your attention almost immediately.

Online betting sites and sportsbooks know the allure of those two words all too well. Head to any website and seeing “free money” advertised is all but guaranteed. The advertising isn’t subtle, either, they’re shoving it down your throat with terms like “match bonus” and “up to (insert dollar figure here) in free play.”

So what does it all mean? We keep putting quotation marks around “free money” because it’s not completely free — you’ve probably lived long enough to know very few things in life truly are free. After all, things that sound too good to be true typically are.

There’s one exception to that rule, however: the completely free sports bet no deposit. As the name implies, this is a wager that is completely on the house. You win, you’re now playing with house money. You lose, and well, you didn’t actually lose anything. It’s the zero-risk factor that makes a no deposit bonus sportsbook the “holy grail” bonus of all bonuses.

Most bonuses nowadays are initial deposit sign-up bonuses. This will net you free money, but only AFTER you’ve deposited your own money into your betting account first. This differs from the free sports betting no deposit bonus that we’re talking about because you actually need skin in the game to redeem that bonus.

Over the course of this guide, we’ll dispel the myths about free bet offers — are they real (spoiler: yes), how do they work, what betting websites free bets no deposits are out there, and a whole lot more!

Sports Betting Free Bet No Deposit

We have to preface by saying finding sports betting free bet no deposit offers is rare. Extremely rare, actually.

They’ve fallen out of favor, while initial deposit sign up and reload bonuses have skyrocketed in use. It makes sense why, as well. At the end of the day, betting sites need to keep the lights on and turn a profit. Handing free money — with zero protection on their end — is risky business. At least with a reload or initial deposit promotion, they’ve already taken some of your money.

This is a relatively new phenomenon in the online betting marketplace. Once upon a time when the industry was still in its infancy, the free sports bet no deposit was king of all bonuses.

But times have changed. Betting competition has never been stronger and players are as sharp as they’ve ever been.

Sports Betting Free Bet No Deposit


Still, the no deposit bonus bet still exists, just in a different manner. Today, you’re more likely to see the money-back guarantee bet. This functions in a very similar manner, only with a twist.

Here’s how it works: you make a wager in the sportsbook with your own money, you know, the real kind. You lose, the betting site will refund you every penny of it right back. You win, well, you just get the winning payout and no additional free money.

Betting sites like to call these “risk-free” or “no risk” bets. In a way, there really is no risk involved on your end. However, the fact that you have to bet with own real money first puts an asterisk on that no-risk claim. If you’ve ever bet before, you know once you stake your money, there’s no guarantee you’re getting it back.

In reality, those money-back guarantee bets work more as a refund than a free sign up sports bet no deposit. Calling them “free” is just savvy marketing by online sportsbooks.

Online Betting Sites No Deposit Bonus

By and large, free no-deposit bets are geared for first-time players. It’s used as a welcome package, not unlike an initial deposit bonus bet.

More than just earning any free money, the free bet deal allows newbie bettors to “test” an online betting site before making a substantial commitment to it. Think of it as sampling food at a grocery store before outright buying it.

The problem is free bets are usually only worth a few dollars. Therefore, it doesn’t take long to exhaust the free money earned. It can all be gone in as quick as one bet. And trust us, it takes far more than one wager to know if a sportsbook is right for you.

Ultimately, that’s the biggest con of betting sites free signup bonus no deposit — it just doesn’t last long enough!

Betting Websites Free Bets No Deposit

We’ve spent most of our time going over no deposit bonus sports betting sites. However, free bets can also be had in the casinos of many popular betting sites.

Betting Websites Free Bets No Deposit


Typically, these won’t function like sportsbook counterparts. So no money-back guarantees or true no deposit, free bets. But many initial deposit sign-ups will come strapped with free money to use in the casino.

A prime example of this is BetUS. Upon signing up to the site, players are tiered into unique “membership packages” based on how much they deposit into the book. No matter what tier you fall into (there’s seven), players will earn a 10-percent casino chip bonus as part of their deposit.

We know, that’s not really “free money” since you have to commit your own first. But casinos are a lot more stingy than sportsbooks. Deals akin to this are as good as it’s going to get for slot and table game players.

How To Find Free Bets Which Require No Deposit

Just about every single betting site has an entire page that lists its promotions or bonuses that are currently running on-site at that time. Here, you’ll find how much free play is being offered up, terms and conditions of deals, as well if any sports betting no deposit codes (or regular promotions codes for that matter) are needed to redeem. This very page is your best bet to find if a free bet bonus pops up.

For the most part, betting sites have no incentive to hide their bonuses. If they have a bettor-friendly deal running, they want would-be players to know about, thus, they’ll add it onto that promotions page.

How To Find Free Bets Which Require No Deposit


Said promotion page is ever-changing, though. While some deals might stick around for a long time, betting sites are regularly updating offers to stay competitive in a crowded gambling market. So if you don’t see a free bet, no deposit bonus right now, that doesn’t mean it won’t pop up later.

However, some betting sites do send exclusive offers — some of which include free bet deals with instant no deposit bonus codes — to loyal players as a sign of “thank you.” These unique deals are either mailed, electronically or through mail, straight to the player. Therefore, always keep your contact info up-to-date and keep your eyes peeled for the elusive free bet no deposit bonus.

What’s The Biggest No Deposit Free Bet Online At The Moment?

Before we answer the above question, we need to make it clear that most, if not all, online betting sites no deposit bonus are far from lucrative. They pale in comparison to the free money being doled out from sign-up and reload bonuses.

It’s not uncommon to see initial deposit sign ups be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000 in sportsbooks. Casinos can be two or three times higher than that, as well. Likewise, reloads usually hover around a 25-percent match up to $250.

Free sign up sports bet no deposit, though? You can expect these to range from $10 to $25 — a sharp contrast to initial deposit bonuses.


However, we wouldn’t scoff at that. As we mentioned, free bets are more “free” than most bonuses. You take no risk using them unlike initial deposit or reload counterparts.

Furthermore, there’s little to no rollover requirements to meet on free sign up sports bet no deposit. That’s far from the case on initial deposit deals that ask for players to wager 10X to 25X before even thinking of withdrawing funds.

Now that we’ve leveled your expectations, here are the free bet deals out there currently:

  • Bwin 10-percent moneyback: The UK bookmaker has a deal for American sports fans. They’ll essentially refund losing bets made on the NFL, NBA, and NHL up to 10 percent. This deal can be redeemed weekly and is awarded only if the player has net losses higher than net wins (in dollars). As mentioned before, these money-back guarantees have become common practice with “free bet” deals.
  • $25 risk-free bet: Here’s another moneyback deal being masked as a free bet. At Sportsbetting ag, new players can make one “free” prop bet up to $25 — with their own money, of course. If the ticket loses, you’ll be refunded the full $25 amount.

Those are just two popular examples currently running, but as mentioned, new ones pop up here and there. Now it’s on you to find them and leverage them!