Welcome to the world of sports betting, a universe known very well to millions across the globe. Whether you bet recreationally or on a consistent basis, you place wagers down on your favorite sports teams and players for numerous reasons. Maybe you like the thrill involved in winning a bet in the last minutes of a big game or you could be a bettor who loves using the analytical side of your brain. And then there's the prop bettor, someone who bets solely on live-sports-action ongoings, like if a team will score the first touchdown or whether a player will get 100 receiving yards in a game. Prop bets are picking up steam across all sports and for good reason. Prop bets inject the kind of excitement sports bettor of all skill levels appreciate.  [+]

And there's so many other bet types, including moneyline, point spread, propositions, parlays and futures. It's not good enough to merely throw down some cash on a game and hope you win. It's a prayer that will quite often go unanswered.

Modern-day sports bettors do their homework, spending time analysing game statistics, including key matchups, injury reports, home and away form, whether or not a team is on a hot or cold streak and how the team has fared in previous games against their opponent. 

All of these factors influence a smart wager. Most bettors will tell you that preparation is most of the battle. Without it, like a lot of things in life, you'll be lost, throwing away your hard-earned money more often than not. 


Best Sportsbook Odds

Have a look below to see all of the best game odds from sports around the globe. It's important to know the live odds to make well informed sports betting decisions. 

Results / FixturesMLS, Premier League, NHL, NFL, NBA

What Are The Best Sportsbooks

You've done all of the legwork and are ready to place your bets. You'll want a trustworthy you can rely on. Have a look at the top sportsbooks and pick the one that suits your needs. 

      What Are The Best Sports To Bet On

      This is a hard question to answer, but it all depends on what you're looking for. Each sport offers its own sports betting perks and, contrastingly, have some downfalls too. People love to bet on the NFL for many reasons, one of which is the abundance of prop bets at your disposal. You can bet on anything from the coin toss to how many receiving yards a player will get in a game. The list is endless and you'll be in heaven if you partial to prop bets. 

      Hockey is good for moneyline bets and over/under and the same can be said for the NBA. However, the NBA is also a good shout if you're a fan of the point spread as it allows you to place more wagers on underdogs than you might with other sports. 

      Future bets work well for every sport and particularly for soccer as an underdog can pay out impressively. Just look at the prospect of Leicester winning the English Premier League, something that would never have been thought possible before the 2015-16 campaign kicked off.