So you want to bet on sports, huh? Welp, you’re not alone! Sports wagering is a global phenomenon, practiced by millions in just about every single country. Billions in fiat or crypto currency are poured into the industry annually and it’s only getting more popular in a digitally-connected world and as gambling laws have become looser. To keep up with the demand, sportsbooks for sports betting have popped up in the hundreds.

Sports gambling is a meaty topic, however, we’ve done our best to give you a crash course on it. Throughout this sports betting guide, we’re giving you all the must-know information — which are the best online bookies, current betting odds, and sure-fire tips to win big. Stick with us because it’s about to be information overload.

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If you’re looking for specific information on certain sports and/or leagues, you can find guides for those below:

Best Sportsbook Odds

As we alluded to earlier, there’s no shortage of online sportsbooks these days. But if you’re new to this industry, you might be stuck on where and how exactly to get started.

Welp, that’s why we’re here. We’ve literally reviewed hundreds of bookmakers over the years. After that massive undertaking, it’s safe to say we know a great sportsbook from a bad one. Next up, we’re giving you our “best of the best” list. In a crowded marketplace, these bookies stand out for all the good reasons:


GTBets is a great sports betting site for people who live and breathe sports. That is because you can actually register your favorite football and basketball teams with your GTBets sportsbook account and receive even better odds on those wagers.

This reduced juice promotion from GTBets applies to both college and professional teams, so you can register a total of four teams. This is part of what makes the odds at GTBets easily among the best in the industry.

Signing up at this sportsbook is a great idea, especially if you love sports as much as you love sports wagering. You can tell this bookie really knows sports by looking at their news section as well. They are always covering the latest beat!


First up on our list is BetOnline. Few names are more trusted in the world of offshore betting than BetOnline. That’s been the case since its founding back in 2007.

BetOnline really excels in its sports betting selection. The menu is deep — and we mean, really deep. You name a sport or league and there are likely betting odds for it available at BetOnline.

Not only is the wagering catalog extensive, but BetOnline’s prices are top-notch, too. On-site betting lines rival those by powerhouse Las Vegas bookies. In the same light, the betting site is uber-fast about getting odds up, outpacing most competitors.

All in all, BetOnline is a more-than-worthy bookie. Conceivably, it can be a one-stop destination for all sports wagering, without the need to jump from sportsbook to sportsbook.


BetNow is a relatively new sportsbook, but they have definitely been around long enough to have earned our trust. They process their payouts in a timely manner and are quick to respond when we have reached out to customer support.

BetNow has positioned itself as one of the sportsbooks with the most competitive odds on the markets. Not only that, but they make sure to cover a wide range of sports, allowing you to make money on everything from football to darts. BetNow is another solid choice for an online sports betting site.

Signing up with BetNow will give you access to a number of great bonuses as promotions that you can use across their extensive sports betting markets.


BetUS was founded way back in 1994, making it an early entry here. They are well known for their generous welcome bonus, which is arguably the most important promotion offered by online sports betting sites.

They will match your initial deposit at 125%, which is well above the standard, which oscillates between 50% and 100%. This is great news, especially for those getting started in the world of sports betting, as it gives you a leg up and a bit of a cushion as you get the hang of things.

But their promotions do not stop there! Check out their reload promotion and their referral program, which allows you and your friend to earn some free plays!


XBet is known for being a forward-thinking online sports betting site. This means that they make it easy to deposit and withdraw money in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In fact, this is the recommended banking method with this sports betting site, as it comes with extremely low fees and is also the fastest option available.

But it is not just that that makes XBet a great choice for tech-friendly sports bettors. Their mobile betting site is a joy to use. The best part? You do not even have to download anything in order to use it. You can just visit the same XBet online sports betting site on your mobile phone or tablet, and it will automatically adjust to your screen.


MyBookie is a great online sports betting site, partially because it has a great welcome bonus. With a 100% match, you can double your initial deposit. This is on the generous side! And, they keep it going with rotating promotions whenever big sporting events roll through town.

This sports betting site also comes with an online casino, which you can access using the exact same account. The welcome bonus at the casino is even larger than the one they offer for the sportsbook.

At MyBookie, you can contact their friendly customer service agents via live chat directly on their website. You can also send them an email at [email protected]. You can count on a prompt and friendly response to your queries.


If you’re going to be betting online, you might as well familiarize yourself with the sign-up bonus. Almost every online bookmaker offers one. The deal works like this: sign up to a platform for the first time, deposit money, and boom, you’ll earn free play right back from the sportsbook.

Of course, the quality of the bonus will vary between betting sites. However, without a doubt, one of the best options is offered up by WagerWeb. This sportsbook has three separate welcome promos that new players can choose from — which contrasts from most competitors that provide just one.

WagerWeb’s three deals all offering varying degrees of cashback and free play, plus different rollover requirements before the bonus is withdrawable. Having multiple options allows bettors of WagerWeb to really personalize their betting experience, which is always a big plus.


Physical casinos that you’d find in Las Vegas or Atlantic City have “comp” programs that reward loyal players. In recent years, online bookmakers have adopted similar reward programs. One of the industry leaders in this department has been BetDSI.

Every time you gamble on BetDSI, whether that be on sports or its casino, you earn BetPoints from the site. These reward points tier you into three different levels (from lowest to highest) — Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each tier has different perks, and obviously, the benefits get better as you scale up.

But best of all, BetPoints can be traded in for cold hard cash at BetDSI. No strings attached. So in theory, you’re getting paid to play at BetDSI. For sports bettors that are in it for the long haul, it’s tough to beat that.


Last, but certainly not least, on our list is Bovada. It’s perhaps the most-widely used bookie inside the United States, which should tell you plenty about its quality.

Where Bovada really shines is its betting experience. Even if you’ve never bet online, Bovada makes it easy as can be. Its sportsbook, while littered with betting odds, is organized neatly enough that bettors can find what they’re looking for.

Bovada is also packed with other bettor-friendly features. That includes multiple bonuses, Bitcoin support, and a live betting system. All in all, Bovada is a great bet — pun fully intended!

Now that you have some sportsbook suggestions, here are the latest sports betting odds. In the table below, you can filter results between the English Premier League, MLS, NBA, NFL, and NHL. We assure you these lines are up-to-the-minute so you’re always ahead of the game!


How To Make Money Betting On Sports

Every bettor is looking for the "silver bullet" — e.g. the one thing they can do to ensure success whilst sports gambling. Spoiler alert: there is no end-all, be-all trick.

Look, if sports betting was easy, everyone would make bookoos of money and the online bookmakers would cease to exist. Obviously, that's not happening.

However, don't be discouraged. Here's the thing you need to know about sports wagering: you get out what you put in. Period. Keep that top of mind at all times. It's the first betting tip we have for you if you want to make serious money at this:

Put In The Research To Get The Pay Day

Everyone wants to "outsmart" the bookies, which is the name of the game, but it's important to first understand just how "smart" they really are.

You know those betting lines you're picking between? Welp, they're not being set by some guy in his basement. Instead, advanced algorithms — with thousands of data points — are creating those very odds. Now, do you really think you can beat that by purely "trusting your gut?" We sure hope not.

To achieve long-term success at sports betting, you'll need to dig deep yourself. Data and research are key. But you must specialize, which is the next piece of advice we have.

Specialize In A Sport Or League

Every day, there are hundreds of sports games being played around the world, and with that, thousands of betting options to be had. There's just no earthly way you can keep up with this volume — at least not in an informed way.

You're much better off mastering one niche. That could either be one sport or one league. Heck, we advise going even deeper than that. Say you've decided to specialize in NCAA basketball, how about hyper-focusing on one playing conference (e.g. the SEC or Big-12) instead.

When you're this zoned in on a niche, you'll soon acquire specialized knowledge. It's this type of know-how that can outsmart a bookie in the long run.

For example, perhaps you know the playing habits of Gonzaga basketball in and out. You might realize they struggle to keep their playing intensity high for entire games. Knowing this, you start betting against them in second halves as you anticipate its inevitable pullback. Specialized knowledge such as this is what separates good bettors from the mediocre.

Bet With Your Head, Not Your Heart

This too piggybacks off our first two tips about relying on data and specialized knowledge to drive betting decision-making. In case you haven't caught on, that also means to leave your emotions out of gambling. Seriously.

You probably have a favorite team or athlete. On the flip side, you also likely have a bitter rival or two. That's fine and dandy unless you're gambling on them. All too often, bettors let personal opinions distort reality, which is a negative more times than not.

Honestly, it's next to impossible to be bias-free in these situations. So our advice is simple: just flat-out don't bet on your favorite team. Ever.

You're Only As Good As Your Next Bet

Sports betting is as much about psychology as it is finding valuable lines and picking winners. However, most betting advice seems to only be concerned with the latter.

But don't overlook this fact: bettors must be mentally prepared for the ebbs and flows of wagering. This means there will be euphoric wins, but also crushing losses. You must remain even-keeled and let neither affect you too much, especially the defeats.

Unfortunately, we see a lot of bettors "chase" while on a cold streak. In their mind, one big win can regain all their recent losses. This is a trap — don't do it! Like the last tip, it clouds your judgment and likely forces you into a bad decision, which will only deepen your debt

Always remember that sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint. There's always another bet around the corner and you must not let past performance, whether good or bad, force your hand.

And with that, we draw a close to our sports betting guide. We hope you've found value throughout. If you're ready to plunge into the world of online gambling, the following sportsbooks are good starting points. As you'll see, there's overlap with our previous recommendations.

Signing up at any one of them takes only minutes. After registration, just fund your playing account — which unlocks that sign-up bonus we previously mentioned — and you're ready to gamble. That's it!

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