Sports Betting Minimum Deposit Amount

When it comes to bonuses and amounts, the sports bettor can sometimes miss out on free money because of minimum deposit amounts stipulated by sportsbooks to be eligible for their bonuses. The minimum deposit stipulation varies from one book to another. This deposit threshold could be what makes a book more suitable for a high roller than the rec bettor depending on your betting bankroll. Always review deposit amounts and compare it to your budget.

Minimum Deposit Amount

An example of a minimum deposit amount is a sportsbook offering a 100% bonus.  What is usually not advertised is the minimum amount you must deposit to be eligible to receive this amount.  A bonus such as this might have a $500 minimum deposit rule, meaning any deposit of less than this amount, do not qualify for a bonus.

Players looking to deposit less than $500 would be better off finding a recreational sports betting site that could cater to their smaller deposit needs.

Reading the fine print of a sportsbook’s bonus offer to learn what the minimum bonus amount is can be the difference of either having free money added to your bankroll or not.  You never want to be in a position where you have to deposit more than you are comfortable to receive a bonus.

With so many reputable sportsbooks online, you will be able to find a sportsbook that offers bonuses that are in line with your budget.  With this in mind, be sure that you review the bonus guidelines prior to opening your new online sportsbook account.

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