2022 Grammy Awards Betting Picks

2022 Grammy Awards Betting Picks

The Grammys will be hosted on January 31 in Los Angeles. As usual, all the biggest names in the music industry will be on-hand to award the best of 2021. Live coverage begins at 8 pm EST on CBS or the Paramount+ streaming app. With that out of the way, let’s dive right into the betting picks:

2022 Grammys Album Of The Year Pick

Olivia Rodrigo — "Sour"+120+120
Billie Eilish — "Happier Than Ever"+200+200
Taylor Swift — "Evermore"+500+500
Lil Nas X — "Montero"+550+550
HER — "Back Of My Mind"+1600+1600
Kanye West — "Donda"+2200+2200
Doja Cat — "Planet Her"+2500+2500

This will likely be the most bet-on award at the top online sportsbooks. It’s just a prestigious award that usually caps the night off. The likes of Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Celine Dion, and more have this award to their name. Before we give you our Grammy album of the year pick, here are the current odds to win:

If you never bet award shows before you need to understand this: artistry is highly — and we mean highly — subjective. Take the odds-on favorite to win this award, Olivia Rodrigo. She might be incredible to a teenager, but less so to a die-hard hip-hop fan. Music, by its nature, can’t appeal to everyone. Therefore, we’re not going to approach our betting by picking what music resonates with our tastes. No, no, our betting choices will rely on what we believe the voters think.

And in today’s politically-charged climate, artistry isn’t enough. No artists themselves and the music they create must also have a compelling “narrative” around it. And at the moment, few industry narratives match what Swift is sewing.

She’s fighting for ownership over her own music. In doing so, she’s re-recording her previous albums then re-releasing them to spite her old label and famed-manager Scooter Braun. A strong, independent female fighting against a corrupt system dominated by males? That’s the fairytale script of 2022 to many smug voters of this award.

Evermore, the album Swift is nominated for, isn’t a re-recording. It’s brand-new but we have a feeling it’ll get favorably swept up in Swift’s “fight for freedom.” We like her chances to pull off the upset. And she’s also won this award three times before — a record for a solo female artist — so you know the voters already like her. Why not add another historic win to her resume? We’re betting big that’s what happens.

Taylor Swift To win Grammys Album of the Year

2022 Record Of The Year Pick

Olivia Rodrigo — "drivers license"+120+120
Silk Sonic — "Leave The Door Open"+250+250
Billy Eilish — "Happier Than Ever"+400+400
Lil Nas X — "Montero"+400+400
Doja Cat — "Kiss Me More"+2200+2200
Justin Bieber — "Peaches"+3000+3000

This award has been won for the past two years by Billie Eilish. She’s nominated again for a potential three-peat in 2022. Since the award was introduced in 1959, no one’s ever won three straight times. History is against Eilish and so are we cause we’re going in a different direction for our Record of the Year pick.

Remember how we talked about voter narrative before? Well, it has a shelf life. No one wants to repeat the same story over and over again. It’s why G.O.A.T.’s like LeBron James and Tom Brady don’t win their respective sports’ individual awards — the narrative isn’t as engaging over time, certainly not compared to the “new kid on the block.”

Well, there’s a new kid on the block standing in front of Eilish and that’s Olivia Rodrigo. The 18-year-old is favored by bookies to win each of the “big four” awards. While we picked against her in the album of the year, we will not be doing so for record of the year (or Song of the Year and Best New Artist).

Expect Rodrigo to dominate Grammy’s night. She took the industry by storm with her first-ever album and if that wasn’t enough, she’s also a California native, which could influence the voters who are typically “bubbled” to their surrounding area. If your sportsbook allows parlays on this show, a triple-whammy on Rodrigo could pay out significantly well. Take that wager if you’re feeling extra risky.

Olivia Rodrigo To win Grammys Record of the Year

How To Bet On The Grammys?

The only way to bet on the Grammys is through an offshore sports betting site. Traditional casinos and sportsbooks don’t carry odds because it’s illegal to wager on such events in most places — but that red tape doesn’t apply to the betting sites listed underneath. Check ‘em out for non-traditional bets on entertainment, politics, and other obscure events.

The Grammys are only days away so place a bet quickly. If you’re a new bettor to a site, you could even earn a big-money sign-up bonus. With these deals, you’ll earn hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play right away, which you can use to wager on the Grammys “on the house.” Check out the underneath table for a list of deals on the table right now!