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Deposit and cash out methods


Everyone knows the number 23 is reserved for the G.O.A.T thanks to “His Airness” himself Michael Jordan. With a brand slogan like “23 years online — trust the first” Everygame Sportsbook is putting itself in elite company.

The slogan is a reference to Everygame founding in 1996. It’s tough to prove if Everygame really was the “first” sportsbook (probably not in all likelihood), but it’s definitely one of the longest standings. That should speak volumes about Intertops sports because you don’t stay in business, little less a volatile one like sports wagering, for over two decades if you’re not doing something right!

During this extensive Everygame review, we’ll cover all those rights and wrongs found inside sports Everygame — completely free of bias. We have no dog in this fight, we’re just here to serve sports bettors everywhere.

Talking points for this Everygame sportsbook review include Everygame account setup, bonuses offered, how to deposit and withdraw money, and wagering on the go. We have a lot to cover so without further ado, let’s dive into what Everygame eu sportsbook has to offer!

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EveryGame Sign-Up Bonus
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How To Get Started With Betting At Everygame

If you've never bet online before, you may be under the impression that getting started on a betting site is a hard and lengthy process — that preconceived notion stops many bettors before they even get started.

But we're here to dispel those thoughts once and for all. By and large, getting started is a painless process for users. That's certainly the case over at Everygame eu.

We're about to give you the full lowdown on how to get set up at www Everygame eu. No exaggeration, you're only minutes away from being able to bet on Everygame com

First things first, you'll need to register for an account with Everygame USA. That's done by clicking on the big green "sign up" button atop its page. From there, it's the usual drill of filling out emails, passwords, name, date of birth, etc — nothing you haven't already done on every single Internet site before, betting one or not.

That wraps up account creation on Everygame antigua. Conventiately, one single account will work on all of Everygame net services — sportsbook, casino (classic and red), and poker room. No need to re-register and juggle around login credentials.

What Do I Need To Make Bets At Everygame?

Perhaps this is best explained by creating a simple to-do checklist:

  • Create a user account (what we just covered).
  • Be at least 18 years of age — this is one hard rule imposed by Everygame and most other betting sites. Age is typically verified when creating an account by sending a photo of a government-issued ID.
  • Deposit money into your betting account. We'll cover the payment methods Everygame accepts later in this article, but you're not shoehorned into one manner. Credit, crypto, bank wire, and more are all accepted. Moreover, Everygame accepts all sorts of currencies — US dollar, Euro, UK pound, and plenty more.

Check off these three simple requirements and you're ready to wager at Everygame classic sportsbook or casino on a wide array of games! Like we said, it only takes a matter of moments to begin Everygame sports betting.

Use A Welcome Bonus When You Sign Up

There's no reason why you shouldn't sign up for a betting account at www Everygame com and not receive free money right back from them. One of the bettor-friendly welcome bonuses offered up by Everygame will help you do just that!

There's a range of Everygame bonus codes available daily. These codes are broken up by platform — sportsbook, red casino, classic casino, and poker. So unlike the single sign-on, these can only be used on one platform and only that one.

For instance, let's examine what's on the table inside the Everygame sportsbook classic. Right now, there are three sign-up bonuses to choose from:

  • Rookie500 promo code:  The 500 in the bonus code indicates that you can get 100% of your initial deposit up to $500. The bonus and the deposit need to be rolled over 6x before a payout is possible. Every bet count towards the rollover. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Rookie200 promo code: 50-percent match on the initial deposit up to $50 in free play (so you'll only need to load $25 to earn this max)
  • Rookie100 promo code: A full dollar-for-dollar match (100 percent) with a max payout of $100.
  • Rookie50 promo code: The most lucrative bonus of the three at a $200 max with a 50-percent match.

Everygame classic sportsbook does refresh these promotions on a monthly basis or so. To stay updated on welcome deals currently being offered, plus many other bonuses, visit the Everygame promotion page.

These high-quality bonuses receive a lot of praise in online Everygame sportsbook reviews from customers. It's certainly a positive effect in our own Everygame sports betting review.

Casino Welcome Bonuses Apply Too

If sports isn't your thing or you just need a break from them, Everygame has not one, but two dedicated casinos for you to wager on.

One is a classic casino, while the other is a "red" casino. Both are eerily similar aside from the software engine that runs both platforms. Red has more slot machines, while classic is better suited for table games and video poker.

There are separate sign-up bonuses for each casino. The classic one offers a 100-percent match for first-time players worth as much as $100. However, the red casino really ups the ante. It offers an unrivaled deal that can reach a whopping $5,555 in free play.

Keep betting on the go with Everygame Mobile

Mobile betting is not going away anytime soon. It's simply too convenient to do for bettors. Sportsbook either need to keep up with the trend or risk missing out. It's safe to say that Everygame falls in the former category.

Everygame mobile can be accessed using a web browser from your mobile or tablet device. No downloads are necessary as it's not an app on iOS or Android.

Instead, it's a mobile responsive website that's a near clone of the desktop version. Cause of this, all features get carried over to the mobile side so you won't miss a single beat when wagering through the sportsbook, casino, or poker room.

Do I need to sign up to bet on mobile?

Absolutely not for the reason just outlined. Since it's a mirror of the desktop site, you'll just use your standard login credentials to access the betting platforms. Like we already said, Everygame uses a single sign-on service so your login works on all Everygame services, whether on desktop or mobile.

Is it easy to find bonuses on mobile?

It sure is. The same promotions page found on the desktop experience is carried over into Everygame mobile. This page has up-to-the-minute deals being offered by Everygame.

Just remember Everygame has different URL's for all its platforms — the sportsbook, both casinos, and poker. Make sure you're on the right site to access those unique bonuses for each platform.

Is betting on mobile easy?

It is super easy as a matter of fact. Like desktop, the left-hand navigation menu is your source to find all betting options.

If inside the sportsbook, that menu is broken up by sports like American football, basketball, fighting, ice hockey, etc. Clicking into any one of these will give you various leagues for that sport. Eventually, you'll be able to filter it down even more by bet types such as futures, spreads, and more. It should be pretty intuitive to find your wager.

The same goes for the casino portion. The left menu has a full list of gaming options — slots, blackjack, poker, etc. Keep clicking to reveal variations of those games until you land on your game of choice.

See how easy this mobile betting thing is?

Everygame Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

No Everygame betting review is complete without glossing over how transferring money in and out of the Everygame sportsbook classic works. How many options are available? Is it easy? Those are two questions always top of mind for bettors when it comes to any betting site.

Answer one: options are plentiful at Everygame. For depositing money, Everygame accepts VISA/Mastercard, cryptocurrency (more on that soon), bank wire transfer, Neteller — practically most of the major methods welcomed elsewhere.

The same goes for Everygame' withdrawal methods. You'll see the usual suspects accepted here, including bank transfer, check, Neteller, and Bitcoin. However, do expect there to be some variation between Everygame payout times among each option.

The two quickest methods will surely be Bitcoin and Neteller. Even better, both are completely free of any fees. It's a win-win with these methods.

The same can't be said about wire transfer or check, two options that still remain popular with most bettors. For one, expect to be rocked with a $50 fee on both at Everygame. Two, getting paid will take weeks. Checks take about five business days to arrive, while a bank wire is processed between 10 and 15 business days.

Does Everygame accept Bitcoin?

It absolutely does — both as a deposit and withdrawal option.

Matter of fact, Bitcoin is one of three cryptocurrencies accepted at Everygame. The other two are Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

The new nature of digital currency can come off as confusing to some, but it's really not. To start using crypto on the Everygame classic sportsbook, you're only two steps away. First, acquire cryptocurrency on coinbase.com. Afterward, register an account with blockchain.info.

It's that simple. Once a blockchain account is up, crypto can easily be transferred into Everygame or any other betting site.

Not only is crypto easy to set up, but it's even more convenient as a payment and payout method. For one, transfer times are almost instantaneous. At worst, withdrawing money takes one day — which pales in comparison to waiting weeks for check or a wire transfer.

Not only that, but there are no fees for transferring funds via digital currency. None! The Everygame minimum deposit on crypto is just $25, as well.

Two and perhaps most importantly, it's more secure and private than using a credit/debit card. Transactions are more anonymous, thus less susceptible to hacking.

There's really no reason why you shouldn't be using Everygame Bitcoin or other cryptos. Between its ease of set up and array of benefits, the payment form should be a no-brainer for bettors!

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