How To Make Money Off Taylor vs. Cameron

How To Make Money Off Taylor vs. Cameron

This is likely the biggest women’s boxing fight of the year — Katie Taylor vs. Chantelle Cameron. But at the same time, it’s certainly not an easy fight to bet given the even matchup between the undefeated fighters. Still, we’ve analyzed the fight and we’re confident in two bets to make on Taylor vs. Cameron. Keep reading to get our free picks!

  • What: Katie Taylor vs. Chantelle Cameron boxing fight
  • Where: Dublin, Ireland
  • When: Saturday, May 20

Taylor vs. Cameron Preview

This was originally supposed to be the anticipated rematch between Taylor and Amanda Serrano. However, an injury forced Serrano out of action. In stepped Cameron, and believe us, she might be as tough of a challenge as Serrano would’ve been (who Taylor narrowly beat a year ago). Let’s preview Taylor vs. Cameron from all sides before offering our picks.

Perhaps most importantly of all, this fight will take place at 140 pounds — not 135, where Taylor typically fights. Cameron is the undisputed champion of the division, holding all the major belts. Taylor, though, did fight at 140 once in 2019, winning the WBO title. However, she never defended and moved back to 135, where she’s also the undisputed champion. To our knowledge, no female boxer has ever held four belts in two divisions at the same time.

You have to believe the weight is advantageous for Taylor. She’s the naturally bigger fighter than the challenging Taylor. Cameron has a three-inch height and two-inch reach advantage. Not only that, but she’s also four years younger. But despite that, the top boxing betting sites have still made Taylor the favorite to win. Here’s how the moneyline odds currently stand:

Katie Taylor-185-185-185
Chantelle Cameron+155+155+155

Though, you also have to understand where the bookies are coming from. We mean, this is Taylor we’re talking about, likely the best women’s fighter in the sport. She’s a perfect 22-0 and will have an advantage in the ring herself: a hometown crowd. Expect the Irish fans to be in full force for their native fighter.

Taylor vs. Cameron Betting Picks

There’s a host of prop bets available for this title clash. However, we’re sticking to the tried-and-true ways to bet on Taylor vs. Cameron — and that’s moneyline and over/under. Either of these bets could be bet solo or, if you’re feeling extra risky, you could parlay them for a potentially big payday. We’ll explain how we’re approaching that below:

Over/Under 9.5 Rounds

Alright, this bet is super lopsided. We mean, just look at the betting odds in both directions:

Over 9.5 Rounds-750-750-750
Under 9.5 Rounds+450+450+450

We don’t see this fight ending before 9.5 rounds. Just no way. Both of these two (along with Claressa Shields) are the most technically-sound boxers in the world. Yes, they have stopping power, but they’re much better at methodically picking apart their opponents for 10 rounds.

In Taylor’s 22 wins, 16 have been by way of decision. Cameron is a little more prone to KOs. Eight of their 17 career wins have come via stoppage. We would give Cameron the power advantage, but Taylor can take shots too — evident by that Serrano fight where she was close to being knocked down but never wilted.

You got to bet the over here. Admittedly, it doesn’t offer the most betting value by itself. That’s why we’re parlaying the over with our moneyline betting pick below.

Over 9.5 rounds in Taylor vs. Cameron fight


If not for Taylor having more name value of the two, this fight could very well be at pick’ em. But alas, the casual bettor will flock more to Taylor given her star power, which was boosted by the comeback win vs. Serrano. So yes, Taylor is a comfortable betting favorite over Cameron, but not a runaway favorite.

Here’s where think bookies are underestimating Cameron: her movement. She’s incredibly elusive inside the ring. Cameron’s movement has largely kept her out of trouble inside the ropes. Whereas Taylor has been wobbly before in multiple fights, Cameron really hasn’t ever been dangerous. To be fair, Cameron also hasn’t faced a fighter the caliber of Taylor, but still, she won’t be a sitting target by any means.

It’s incredibly tough to bet against Taylor at home, but that’s exactly what we’re doing. We think Cameron can outbox her, particularly if she can play bully in the ring. She’s bigger and can counter-punch with the best of ‘em. We do fear “the moment” could get to Cameron, but she has one too many in-ring advantages for us to overlook. Take the underdog at plus-money odds here.

Chantelle Cameron to beat Katie Taylor

How To Bet On Taylor vs. Cameron

You got our Taylor vs. Cameron betting picks, but you also need to lock in these wagers at the best prices possible. If you use one of the bookmakers below, you’ll get exactly that. Part of the reason the sites featured below rated so highly on our latest sportsbook reviews was because their betting lines are on par with major sportsbooks in Vegas. That means bettors are maximizing value more times than not.

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