Way-Too-Early Predictions To Win 2022 World Series

Way-Too-Early Predictions To Win 2022 World Series

Speaking of odds, let's begin there. The top online sportsbooks have released futures for the 2022 title-winner. At the moment, these seven teams have the best chances at winning it all next season:

Los Angeles Dodgers+500+500
Houston Astros+650+650
New York Yankees+950+950
Atlanta Braves+1100+1100
Boston Red Sox+1400+1400
Chicago White Sox+1400+1400
Tampa Bay Rays+1400+1400

Interestingly enough, the reigning champions are only fourth-best among the betting candidates. Atlanta's current +1100 line is about what it was to win the 2021 World Series before the start of the season — they were hovering around +1000 then — so bookies seemed to have pegged the "smaller market" team in the same spot no matter its success. 

Best Betting Picks To Win 2022 MLB World Series

Two pieces of free advice before we give you our 2022 World Series picks; the first is to keep this wager relatively small (for now). The offseason is months away and, as usual in MLB, major moves will be made. Big-name players like Carlos Correa, Corey Seager, Kris Bryant, Javy Baez could all be on the move. Adding any one of those players to the right team could shift the balance of power across the league in a hurry.

Given the unknown of free agency (and trades), you don't want to overconfidently bet a team here. However, you do want to take advantage of the long odds across the board. Let's take the Dodgers, for example. Say they do make major moves in the offseason (which is its norm), its +500 odds will shorten quickly. This is your opportunity to lock in bettor-friendly lines cause it may not get any better.

With that out of the way, let's move on to our predictions. We're making two separate bets. One on an NL team, and the other on an NL club — to cover our bases (pun fully intended). Right now, these two teams are most deserving of a futures wager:

Los Angeles Dodgers to win the 2022 World Series

The Dodgers have been betting favorites to win the World Series for about five years running now. Sure, they've only cashed one of those years, but there's a good reason why LA is constantly favored. They've assembled the best roster in baseball and have a front office that will seemingly do anything — and we mean anything — to make it even better. 

Los Angeles' title defense came up short in 2021 because of one reason that's largely out of their control: injuries. The team suffered an almost uncanny amount of injuries up and down its roster that lasted all season long, yet still won 106 games (second-most in MLB) and took the eventual champions to six games in the NLCS. They can't get that unlucky with the injury bug again in 2022, can they? We doubt it. 

Beyond that, the Dodgers have a critical offseason ahead. The likes of Seager, Clayton Kershaw, and Kenley Jensen — the three-longest-tenured players on the team — are free agents. The offense, which was consistently inconsistent throughout 2021, needs to be improved. But here's the thing: we have full belief that its front office will sort out these issues, just like they always do. 

Our betting confidence here stems from the Dodgers' trusty management and a talented core that will remain untouched no matter what happens in the offseason. With both intact, LA is the most obvious bet available. 

Los Angeles Dodgers To win the 2022 MLB World Series

Tampa Bay Rays Among the Favorites to win the WOrld Series

To some, picking the lowly Rays over inter-division rivals like the Yankees and Red Sox might seem crazy. But let's not forget Tampa won the AL East division by a whole eight games in 2021. And unlike their bigger-market rivals, its roster won't face nearly as much roster turnover. We mean, New York could be without Anthony Rizzo and Corey Kluber in 2022, while Boston might lose Eduardo Rodriguez, Kyle Schwarber, Adam Ottavino, and J.D. Martinez — those are huge losses that'll be tough to plug in a single offseason.

This is the best division in baseball with four legit World Series hopefuls (we're also including Toronto). But as they say, "iron sharpens iron" and we think this stiff level of competition will actually strengthen the Rays and prime them for a deep playoff run.  

Tampa Bay Rays To win the 2022 MLB World Series

How To Bet MLB Online?

Unfortunately, MLB betting opportunities are dry for the next several months. The 2022 season won't begin until March 31, but hey, that just means you have five months to prepare for the coming year! As you're likely aware, with a 162-game regular season, MLB is the undisputed king of betting opportunities. If you know what you're doing, you can really make a killing betting on this league.

Once it's time to "play ball" any one of the below bookies will carry all the MLB odds you need to profit from daily. Heck, you could profit before games are even played thanks to sign-up bonuses. These deals — worth hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play — are too good to pass up. The table below has details on what bonuses are available to you to make free money off of!