Deposit and cash out methods

What's in it for you?

  • Two sign-up bonus promotions available
  • Offers Bitcoin as a deposit or withdrawal method
  • Large variety of bets available in both the sportsbook and casino
  • SIGNUP BONUS: 50% Bonus

Deposit and cash out methods

BetNow Sportsbook Review

BetNow is a newer player in the sports betting world, but that hasn't stopped it from earning a favorable reputation among American bettors.

If BetNow can create this much noise in such a short span (it was founded only in 2015), that can only signal the future will be even brighter with more experience under its belt!


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  • Two sign-up bonus promotions available
  • Offers Bitcoin as a deposit or withdrawal method
  • Large variety of bets available in both the sportsbook and casino
  • Payout times can be slow, depending on method
BetNow Sign-Up Bonus
50% Bonus

GIMME THIS BONUS! – Take advantage of a bettor-friendly 50% sign-up bonus — with potential earnings as much as $500 — on this up-and-coming sportsbook!  

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BetNow Sportsbook Review

  • BetNow Bonuses

    BetNow offers not one, but two different bonus promotions to entice new players to the betting platform. When making an initial deposit, enter one of the two promo codes to earn free money:

    • BN50 — this one is a 50% bonus topping out at $1,000
    • BN25 — finally, this is a 25% bonus with max earnings of $1,000

    The minimum deposit required for both is $50. However, rollover rates do vary on each promo code. It's a 8X for BN50, and 3X for BN25. Weighing the possible payout versus the rollover required to withdraw that free money should guide your decision on which offer to take.   

    The high-rollers that plan on betting heavy and often should choose BN50 without a doubt.

    Both promotions net the biggest returns once you really have skin in the game.

    For a casual bettor that is looking to test out BetNow, you'll want to gravitate toward BN50, which is the quickest bonus to earn. Merely having two different bonus options for bettors separates BetNow from many of its competitors.

  • BetNow Deposit Methods

    Deposit methods are really where BetNow sticks out among online sportsbooks — and for good reason, too.

    BetNow accepts Bitcoin as a deposit method, which is a rarity across the industry. Bitcoin, the undisputed cryptocurrency leader, has taken the Internet by storm since its introduction and better days may be ahead for it as it becomes a more common way to transfer money online and in the "real world."  

    Bitcoin is one of four ways to deposit money on the betting platform. Others are more conventional methods, including credit cards, bank wire, and the Neteller e-money transfer service. However, we'd be remiss not to mention the clear-cut advantages Bitcoin has over those three.

    Above all, there are zero-fee deductions when using Bitcoin.

    Moreover, there's a certain level of promptness associated with Bitcoin. Money goes in instantly so there's no waiting around to get started.

    Last but not least, as much as $40,000 can be transferred through Bitcoin. If you still haven't jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon, now may be a good time (before it's value continues to go up, of course).

  • BetNow Payout Methods

    Just as Bitcoin is a deposit method, so too is it a payout method on BetNow.

    Many of the same advantages apply here for Bitcoin, as well. Winnings can be cashed out the same day and most of all, it's completely free of cost.

    As much as $2,500 can be withdrawn per transaction. Over the course of a month, the max withdrawal limit is $10,000, which will satisfy most hardcore bettors.

    Outside of Bitcoin, there are five other payout options at BetNow. They include bank wire, bank draft, direct deposit, Neteller, and Moneygram.

    Be careful, though, unlike Bitcoin, there are variable fees associated with each one. Transactions are also on the lower side, with max payouts just in the hundreds for these non-Bitcoin options. 

    However, getting these payouts in a timely manner is where BetNow falls short. Depending on the method you choose, payout time can be as much as seven days (credit card, only redeemable if you deposited with credit to begin with), five days (for bank wire and draft), or three days (for direct deposit).

    That timeframe certainly isn't ideal, especially for inpatient bettors, and trends below industry norms.

  • BetNow Website

    Once the sign-up bonus is redeemed, what will keep users ultimately coming back to a sportsbook is the betting experience offered. Safe to say there's no falloff for BetNow in this department.

    The left-hand navigation menu houses all the lines bettors will be looking for. Simply click the sport, followed by the league, and you'll be lead to all available wagers in that category.

    Three to four clicks is all that's separating you from making a bet — that's it. This no-frills approach is how online sports betting should always be, quick and easy.   

    This betting experience remains virtually the same whether you're on desktop or mobile. As betting becomes more trendy to do on-the-go via phone, BetNow is well-positioned to ride that momentum.

    It also offers in-play betting, a feature that is easily accessible on its site. These live bets are on a separate page than your typical pre-game or halftime wagers to avoid any bettor confusion.   

    Overall, BetNow's website runs at a break-neck pace. The site is more text-heavy than image, which isn't a knock considering that improves load time tremendously. BetNow's user interface is certainly one of the cleanest in the market today.

  • BetNow Betting Lines

    The BetNow sportsbook offers the full gamut of betting lines — spreads, money lines, point totals, props, futures, and the aforementioned in-play. All odds are listed American style (e.g. -110). 

    Betting lines are available for most major US sports, both professional and college. American football, basketball, baseball, combat sports, hockey, tennis, or soccer — you name it, BetNow likely has it.

    Heck, there's even eSports odds on there, which is a market differentiator from other sportsbooks that don't. However, you typically won't be able to find lines for the more obscure sports like motorsports or lacrosse on BetNow.

    As for the lines themselves, they're mostly in-line with the industry. When comparing prices on various bets, BetNow was largely consistent with competitors, save for -10 or +10 here and there.

    Not a world of difference either way. Odds for upcoming matchups also found their way to the site relatively quickly once previous games were finished.

  • BetNow Casino Review

    Of course, BetNow isn't just a sportsbook. It also offers a full-fledged casino to keep gamblers hooked even when sports games aren't happening.

    Once again, the left-hand menu on the casino page will help navigate you to your game of choice. Everything is on the table (literally), including table games, progressive slots, video poker, keno, plus mobile games!

    The selection of games certainly isn't lacking. As of this review, there's a grand-whopping total of 64 game options — 18 slot machines, 15 table games, 14 types of video poker, 14 mobile games, and three keno variations.

    For bettors looking for a more "real" experience, BetNow also has live dealer games in blackjack, roulette, and Baccara. Dealers are available around the clock — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    It's worth noting that BetNow offers a 10% casino rebate on losses, which is mostly in-line with industry standards.  

    However, we do have to knock BetNow for its in-game graphics. They felt second-rate compared to others in the market. No, not bad enough to completely derail the casino experience, but they can become an eyesore after extended playing time. The graphics can best be described as "good enough."