Privacy Policy

The 'Privacy Policy'

We know how important it is to visit, use and interact with a website you can trust. Sportsbook Bonus is designed to help you with all of your sports betting needs while concurrently respecting your privacy and adhering to all pertinent legistlation. Please read on for more details.

Our Commitment to User Privacy

In no way does this website collect any personal data about its users without prior notification. When running promotions, contests or other marketing campaigns, we obtain all consent and personal verification without exception. 

  • User must first consent to Sportsbook Bonus collecting his or her personal data
  • User must first consent to the dissemination of any such personal data 

This is an information site, aiming primarily to provide its readers with useful and helpful information on the various incentivized offers, bonus schemes, and promotions and / or contests being promoted by online betting sites. Some of these betting sites are, at times, paying advertisers.

Analytics Cookies Disclaimer

Cookies are used on this website, and can be used to assess the effectiveness of certain marketing campaigns underway by some of this site's advertisers. Any cookies from this site are 100% guranteed to be safe, and in no way would affect the performance or security of your own computer, or in any way could they impact the integrity of your onlin browsing experience. It is important to note that most websites have "cookies" of this kind, which serve the same purpose; to leave a trail of crumbs, which allow an advertiser to see whether a visitor from our site, subsequently visited the advertiser's site.

Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at our convenience. Re-visit this page to ensure you're apprised of all the latest privacy amendments.