Best Props To Bet For Canelo vs. Plant Fight

Best Props To Bet For Canelo vs. Plant Fight

The prop betting market represents the most value-rich opportunity to make money from betting the Canelo versus Plant fight, no questions asked. Why? Well, because the regular 'old moneyline is incredibly lopsided. Right now, Canelo is the -1000 favorite to win at online sportsbooks, while Plant is +600 to pull of the upset.

Unless you're wagering with Plant, there's little betting value with Canelo's huge line. Betting $1000 to profit $100 if he indeed wins is the ultimate high-risk, low-reward to bet — which is rarely ever a smart idea in betting, little less in a sport like boxing where one lucky punch can finish a fight at any moment. So do yourself a favor and skip betting on the moneyline

Instead, we're giving you two free prop bets to make on the fight which DO have betting value. Let's get into our Canelo-Plant predictions:

Canelo vs Plant Prop Pick — Exact Fight Outcome

Here's a tried-and-true prop bet that's a staple of any combat sport — how EXACTLY will the fight end. The boxing odds for Plant versus Canelo are below and right away, you'll notice the betting lines are much more modest than the normal moneyline:

Fight OutcomeBetUS
C Plant To Win By KOTKO or DQ
C Plant To Win By Decision or Tech Decision+1000
S Alvarez To Win By KOTKO or DQ
S Alvarez To Win By Decision or Tech Decision+210
Draw or Technical Decision+2200

Look, we're already on record saying that Canelo is winning the fight. He's arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter of his generation and still in the prime of his career at 31 years old. While Plant's 21-0 career mark is impressive on the surface, it's less so when you examine his so-so opponents — which pale in comparison to former Canelo rivals like Miguel Cotto, Gennady Golovkin, and Floyd Mayweather.

Therefore, that cuts down our betting options significantly. It really comes to whether we believe Alvarez wins by stoppage (-185) or decision (+210). Our money is on the former happening as Alvarez stops Plant well before the 12th round of the title fight.

We've seen a new side of Canelo since his war with Triple G. Whereas Canelo was once a tame boxer that let the fight come to him (and counter-punch accordingly), he's shown a more offensive streak in the six fights post-Golovkin. Four of those bouts ended early and we believe Plant will follow suit. And not only does Canelo have the skill set to end the matchup early, he also has intrinsic motivation.

By now, you know about the two fighter's "ordeal" in a pre-fight press conference. Punches were thrown (none connected), but Canelo somehow left a cut below Plant's eye. According to Canelo, his adversary spoke badly about his mom, which escalated the scuffle. Plant broke a cardinal rule in boxing: never talk about your opponent's family. We expect him to pay for it with a stoppage loss.  

Canelo vs Plant Prop Pick — Round Outcome

With this next prop, things get a little more difficult. But with the added difficulty, it's also more lucrative if you're "on the money." The point of the prop is to predict the range where the fight ends.  

Fight OutcomeBetUS
S Alvarez Round 1 - 3+800
S Alvarez Round 4 - 6+375
S Alvarez Round 7 - 9+300
S Alvarez Round 10 - 12+450
S Alvarez by Decision or Technical Decision+210
C Plant Round 1 - 3+6600
C Plant Round 4 - 6+4000
C Plant Round 7 - 9+5000
C Plant Round 10 - 12+6600
C Plant by Decision or Technical Decision+1100

Since we're betting Canelo to win by knockout, we really only have four betting options to pick from. Immediately, we're throwing out one, rounds 1 through 3, because we respect Plant enough to survive for the first nine minutes. Early-round boxing is typically about "feeling out the opponent" anyway.

Instead, the betting sweet spot is rounds 4 to 9. By this middle phrase, fighters are really acting upon their gameplan, plus know that of their opponent. Fatigue also begins trickling in, which can lead to costly mistakes on either side. 

Our prediction is that Alvarez scores the knockout win from rounds seven to nine. Plant is a conservative puncher himself that relies on the counter-punch. Typically, it takes a while to break through these types of fighters. Canelo will methodically wear Plant down before "going for the kill" in rounds seven through nine — and getting it.

How To Bet Canelo vs. Plant Online?

Now that you know the best prop picks to make in the Canelo vs. Plant middleweight title fight, all that remains is to lock in these bets before the bell rings on November 7. We have the top sportsbooks for boxing bets listed below. You'll find some of the best boxing odds available in the industry at any one of these sites, whether that's on a Canelo fight or heck, Jake Paul (he's fighting Tyson Fury on December 18, for your information).

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