Bet These NBA Players To Find New Homes

Bet These NBA Players To Find New Homes

The NBA is notorious for trades and offseason moves — more so than the NFL or even MLB. NBA stars routinely find themselves playing elsewhere, which is why there are entire futures betting markets on where players go next. Let’s speculate on those futures and make picks on where the likes of Draymond Green, DeMar DeRozan, and others will go to next.

Draymond Green’s Next Team

All right, we start with a player who’s probably not even on the trading block. This is a bet you’ll have to wait well past February’s trade deadline cause we don’t expect Green gone from Golden State this season. But after? It’s plausible. Here are where the best betting sites for NBA picture Green landing one day:

Dallas Mavericks+200+200+200
Los Angeles Lakers+300+300+300
Sacramento Kings+500+500+500
Cleveland Cavaliers+500+500+500
Indiana Pacers+500+500+500
Philadelphia 76ers+600+600+600

Green — and the entire Golden State team — appears to be on thin ice. For one, Green just returned from an indefinite suspension after yet another on-court altercation with a player. Kicking, choking, punching, it’s all become Green’s M.O. rather than stellar passing and defense as was the case in the years the Warriors were raising four championships. The team is four games under .500 and it appears, the dynasty is in its final days.

Steph Curry is safe as the face of the franchise. However, Klay Thompson and the soon-to-be 34-year-old Draymond Green are likely on the chopping block in the next one-to-two years. If Green goes, we’d expect the Lakers to be buyers.

Green has enough favor with the Warriors organization to dictate his move — it’s the least they could do after the doubtless winning. Going to Los Angeles and playing with his buddy LeBron James makes sense, for both players (James also has sway in the Lakers front office). The glitz and glamor of LA is a natural fit for Green — not boring ‘ol Sacramento, another betting favorite.

LA Lakers to be Draymond Green's next team

Pascal Siakam’s Next Team

Indiana Pacers+150+150+150
Golden State Warriors+200+200+200
Dallas Mavericks+250+250+250
Atlanta Hawks+250+250+250
Philadelphia 76ers+400+400+400
Sacramento Kings+500+500+500

Let’s focus on players that’ll likely be moved in the next month or so. One of the most-wanted players is Siakim of the Raptors. Here’s a two-time All-Star that can play on both ends of the floor. This season, Siakam is averaging 22.3 points (on 52.6 percent shooting), 6.3 rebounds, and 4.9 assists per game. He’s a free agent at season’s end which makes him tradeable piece for Toronto.

Unlike Green, Siakim won’t dictate his next move (if it’s a trade). The Raptors are likely rebuilding and will take the best offer out there for him. That’s an important qualifier when making this pick.

Remember how we said the Warriors are crumbling this season? Well, they are. But landing a talent like Siakim is exactly how they can re-right the ship per se — not riding it out with the roster it has right now. And no, we’re not saying Green or Thompson will be traded for Siakim, but the Dubs do have some young talent that would be valuable. Enter Jonathan Kumimga and Moses Moody, a pair of rising stars that surely the Raptors would covet.

We can’t see Golden State, a proud franchise with currently the highest-paid roster in the NBA, not making a move before the trade deadline. They have to realize they’re a bubble playoff with the roster as is. Siakim likely changes that in one fell swoop, which adds confidence to our pick here.

Golden State to be Pascal Siakim's next team

DeMar DeRozan’s Next Team

Miami Heat+200+200+200
Los Angeles Lakers+250+250+250
New York Knicks+400+400+400
Memphis Grizzlies+500+500+500
Sacramento Kings+700+700+700
Philadelphia 76ers+800+800+800

Enough of the Warriors. This next move involving DeRozan will likely have nothing to do with them, though has a lot in common with that roster. Currently playing with the Bulls, DeRozan is 34 years old. He’s still averaging 22.4 points per game on 46.6 percent shooting, but still, Chicago likely wants to get younger. Rumors are swirling the Bulls want to move both DeRozan and Zach Lavine.

He too is another player that could influence his next destination. If so, he almost has to want to play for an NBA title. He’s not getting any younger and his otherwise brilliant career has been blemished by almost no playoff success whatsoever. If DeRozan is ring-chasing then teams like the Lakers, Sixers, and Heat make betting sense.

Our money is on Miami. The franchise tried to woo a player like DeRozan over the summer, and that’s Dame Lillard. Both are guards that can create their own shot — taking the burden off Jimmy Butler. DeRozan is a free agent at season’s end so not like the Heat would have to trade the farm for him. We’re banking that Pat Riley can make this happen somehow, someway.

Miami to be DeMar DeRozan's next team

How To Bet On NBA Trade Futures?

There are even more NBA trade future bets available beyond the three we covered. If you want a full list, we recommend hitting one of the bookies below. All five are rated the highest in our newest sportsbook review section so you can't go wrong with any really. Plus, each has big-money sign-up bonuses available now. These bonuses dole out free play which could fund your NBA betting for free!