What Are The NBA Standings Today

Make looking at the NBA's standings a part of your betting routine. These standings help you see which teams are better or worse than one another, whicn can help shape your bets. [+]

Don't use this as a betting gospel; it's more like a guideline. Look at it see to what else (team identity, schedule, past matchups, etc.) you should be looking at. 

Also, you can use this to keep track of the playoff race. Taking stock of potential first-round dates in advance will give you a jump start on where you'll be funneling your postseason betting purse.


How To Make Money Betting On NBA

If you're interested in making NBA futures bets, don't ignore the league's landscape right now. Ergo, do not ignore the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs. Both teams are primed to dominate the championship discussion for years to come. They are historically good, and you should bank on one of them snagging the most imminent championship trophy until another challenger proves otherwise.

Taking chances on the overs and unders for win totals throughout the league is fine. Bad teams, mediocre teams, good teams—it almost doesn't matter. Those future bets, when you're not betting on the Spurs or Warriors, aren't as risky as the championship ones. You'll want to be smart about them, of course, avoiding any teams, such as tankers (Philadelphia 76ers) and wild cards (New York Knicks), that are impossible to get a hold on before the season is underway.

Stop short of dabbling in championship or even conference futures, though. Just as the Spurs and Warriors are set to dominate the West, the Cleveland Cavaliers have yet to meet their maker in the East. It's too risky to bet against them until a real challenger to their throne emerges.

Resist the urge say you've found these hypothetical challengers over the offseason, when free agency and trades can make you overly optimistic about a team's chances. Additions to a roster, however seemingly awesome, take time to coalesce.

You're much better off waiting until the middle of the season to make any contrarian conference or championship wagers. It's then that you'll have a strong idea of which teams might have what it takes to crack into the Spurs, Warriors and Cavs' exclusive futures bubble.