Place Money On These Super Bowl Prop Bets Now

Place Money On These Super Bowl Prop Bets Now

The Super Bowl prop betting market is where the most money can be made. That’s because betting options are near limitless here and hidden gems can be found if you look hard enough. That’s what we did and picked out four Super Bowl prop bets worth taking.

  • What: Super Bowl 58
  • Where: Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • When: Sunday, February 11

Super Bowl MVP

This is a classic prop bet to take on the “big game.” Who will win the Super Bowl MVP? Per the top-used Super Bowl sportsbooks, these players are the leading candidates:

Patrick Mahomes+120+120+120
Brock Purdy+215+215+215
Christian McCaffrey+460+460+460
Travis Kelce+1735+1735+1735
Deebo Samuel+3100+3100+3100
Isiah Pacheco+3500+3500+3500
Brandon Aiyuk+4900+4900+4900

When making this wager, one must first pick which team will the Super Bowl. That’s because the MVP is undoubtedly going to come from the winning team. Only once has a losing player taken home the honor and we don’t expect to see that happen again in the modern era.

For us, the Chiefs is our bet. Why, and this leads us into our MVP choice: Patrick Mahomes. Even when Mahomes is having the worst statistical season of his career. Even when Kansas City has no wide receivers and leads the league in dropped catches. Even though that, Mahomes is proving he’s a cut above the rest of the quarterbacks in this league.

Mahomes has outdueled three quarterbacks that earned more regular-season MVP chatter than he did this season. That’s Tua Tagovailoa (Dolphins), Josh Allen (Bills), and now Lamar Jackson (Ravens). In each of those games, Mahomes made fewer mistakes than his counterparts and completed just a few more crunch-time throws. It was a difference-maker and we expect the same in the Super Bowl.

At one point, the 49ers’ Purdy was the MVP favorite. Less so now but there’s an entire discourse debating whether Purdy is great quarterback or just good. We have a feeling that the discussion will sway to good after Mahomes outplays him and shows the world what truly elite QB play looks like. Slam a bet on Mahomes in that scenario.

Patrick Mahomes to win MVP at the Super Bowl

Travis Kelce Receiving Yards

All eyes on Kelce. Not only is the Chiefs tight end seemingly in every commercial nowadays, not only is his podcast one of the most-listened in the world, but he just happens to be dating someone even more famous than him, Taylor Swift. This attention is going to draw a lot of betting action on Kelce-related props. However, his receiving yard number prop is most worth looking into. Here’s the list of betting options:

Receiving YardsBovadaBetUSMyBookie

We think Kelce is going to go off. There we said it. We heard most of the season how Kelce is in decline, which we actually agree with. However, he’s still a top-end tight end even with that deadline. We’ve seen that in the playoffs where Kelce is up to 23 catches for 262 yards in three games.

We’re quite confident that Kelce has 90-plus yards. For one, Kelce remains Mahomes' number-one target amid a weak supporting cast of receivers. Two, the 49ers defense has looked very, very vulnerable the last two weeks and Kelce is good enough to get at least that number of yardage. Bank on it!

90+ receiving yards for Travis Kelce in the Super Bowl

Gatorade Bath

All right, admittedly these next two prop picks are crapshoots. We just couldn’t help ourselves with them though cause the ridiculousness of these props is what makes Super Bowl betting so fun. Case in point the Gatorade bath for the winning coach — what color will it be? Here are the leading Gatorade color candidates:

No Liquid Poured+2000+2000+2000

Undoubtedly, red and orange will be popular choices as they represent each team’s main color. But recent history suggests the Gatorade color, more times than not, doesn’t align with the team’s respective color. It’s more random, which leads us to choose blue. Why? No idea, just cause. Just like last year was purple when KC won, there’s no real rhyme or reason behind the color. Just pick something and pray.

Blue color of Gatorade bath in the Super Bowl

National Anthem Over/Under

This is another classic Super Bowl prop — how long will the signing of the national anthem last? This year, Reba McEntire is doing the anthem honors, and here’s how oddsmakers have set her over/under at:

Over 90.5 seconds-110-110-110
Under 90.5 seconds-110-110-110

Thanks to the beauty of YouTube, we were able to find McEntire singing the anthem way back in 1997. It clocked 83 seconds total, which is well under the current number. Factoring in the bells and whistles that come with the Super Bowl singing (e.g. jets flying), we think McEntire will take significantly longer this go around. Throw money on the over we say!

Over 90.5 seconds singing of the national anthem in the Super Bowl

How To Bet On Super Bowl Props?

There are hundreds of Super Bowl prop bets available right now — and that’s no exaggeration. We like the four bets we picked out above, but if you want the full gamut of Super Bowl prop odds, we suggest checking out one of the underneath bookmakers. These are our top-rated sites on our latest sportsbook reviews for that very reason, the bet variety is huge here.

What’s more is there are even big-money sign-up bonuses available to you. These bonuses are worth hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play. With that type of money, you could bet on the Super Bowl for free. See the table below for a list of the top available offers right now.