How To Profit Off Amanda Serrano and Jake Paul Fights

Jake Paul Serrano Betting

Amanda Serrano headlines a boxing card on her home turf in Puerto Rico. The show also features Amanda’s notorious promoter, Jake Paul, in action. We have expert betting picks on both Serrano and Paul fights right here — and we’re confident these will pay out!

  • What: Most Valuable Promotions card
  • When: Saturday, March 2
  • Where: The Coleseo in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • How to watch: DAZN streaming

Amanda Serrano vs. Nina Meinke Betting Pick

This is a homecoming fight for Serrano, one of the most decorated women’s fighters of her generation. She’s finally getting her shine since linking up with Jake Paul’s MVP promotion, and this is her first homecoming in three years. As it stands, Serrano is a staggering -5000 favorite to beat Meinke, the challenger.

There's absolutely no imminent to make on that lopsided unlike unless you believe Meinke will spoil the homecoming (we do not). Therefore, value has to be found elsewhere on boxing betting sites. We’ve found it in the prop market. Here’s a wager on how Serrano wins — KO or decision. The betting odds are a lot friendlier, as seen below:

Win by KO-150-150-150
Win by Decision+125+125+125

The big story from this fight is the fight rules and the controversy that ensued because of it. Serrano, ever the fighting champion, insisted to fight three-minute rounds and go 12 rounds, just like the men. As you probably know, women fight two-minute rounds and only 10 of em. Serrano’s request was granted for this bout, but not without some blowback.

See, Serrano was the unified featherweight champion, clinging to the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, IBO and Ring Magazine titles. However, the WBC was against the rules changes and refused to sanction it. Serrano, who’s branding herself as a fighter for women’s equality, gave up the title in response.

We don’t bring this up just to “stir the pot”, but to actually influence our betting pick. This added time limit and rounds is no small change — especially for Serrano, who is 35 years old, an age when most fighters start slowing down. Without the rule change, Serrano by KO would’ve been our pick. Her opponent, Meinke, has previously been dropped by Katie Taylor, who Serrano went to war with.

But now? We could see this fight going the distance instead. The added time is only going to wear Serrano out more and her power. If we’re correct, a decision seems to be the obvious play in the main event.

KO Serrano method of victory vs. Meinke

Jake Paul vs. Ryan Bourland Betting Pick

Paul isn’t used to taking a back seat for the limelight, but he will be here as the co-main event. His betting like to win, -2500, isn’t as one-sided as Serrano’s, but it too lacks value. That’s why we’re betting the Paul-Bourland over/under instead. Here’s how the odds are being pegged:

Over 1.5 Rounds-165-165-165
Under 1.5 Rounds+135+135+135

Undoubtedly, there’s a large portion of you reading this saying to yourselves, “who the hell is Ryan Bourland?” We won’t pretend we knew who he was before this fight was booked, but here’s his resume: a career 17-2 record with six knockouts. He’s also a former Golden Gloves champion and National Youth Olympic Games boxer.

Sounds impressive, right? But as we all know, there’s always a “catch” when it’s a Jake Paul bout. The catch here is that Bourland is 35 years old — eight more than Paul. So not only is he past his prime, but he never really had a prime to begin with. Seriously, his pro record is against tomato cans. Bourland has no punching power, hence having only six KOs in his career. And at this age, he’s getting even slower too.

We 100 percent expect this fight to go like Paul’s last. That too was against a journeyman boxer named Andre August. Paul ended up sparking him out in the first round with a vicious uppercut. Bourland will also get slept, likely by a counter-punch. Paul loves his left hook so probably that.

We get Paul is trying to go the journeyman route to build himself up, but these picks feel like a pure sham. The only way Paul will ever truly improve is by going against younger talent that can actually push him. Bourland does not fit that category whatsoever. Hammer the under on this bet, and do it with size. We're that confident this fight ends quickly.

Under 1.5 rounds in Paul vs. Bourland fight

How To Bet On Boxing Fights?

You know what to bet, now you just need to actually lock in these wagers. To bet on these boxing fights, plus others, hit one of the bookmakers below. They have additional bets on the Serrano and Paul bouts too (the props are quite juicy).

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