Make These Spence Vs. Crawford Bets To Win Big

Make These Spence Vs. Crawford Bets To Win Big

At last, we’re finally getting Spence vs. Crawford— a dream match multiple years in the making. A fight like this is generational and MUST get your betting money. Who to bet though? We have your answer right here. Keep reading to get our two best bets for Spence vs. Crawford.

  • What: Earl Spence Jr. vs. Terence Crawford
  • When: Saturday, July 29
  • Where: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • How to watch: Showtime PPV

This is going to be one of the most-bet-on fights at popular boxing betting sites. Odds are available, and as it stands, the bookmakers are favoring Crawford to win. Still, it’s not by a huge margin, as seen below:

Terrence Crawford-155-155-155
Errol Spence Jr.+125+125+125

Crawford vs. Spence Preview

There can only be one — undisputed welterweight champion of the world. This fight is for all the titles (IBF, WBA, WBC, and WBO). But honestly, the belts might be secondary in this one. This fight is more about legacy — who’s the best modern-day fighter of the two? Both have impressive resumes and that’s where we have to begin with our Crawford vs. Spence preview.

Let’s begin with the betting underdog, Spence. He’s 28-0 (22 KO) and if there’s one word to describe how he fights, it’s relentless. Spence has an unbelievable motor. That means two things. The first is his output is going to be high. Spence is not a boxer who’ll sit back and wait, he’s going to take it to his opponent. Second, he won’t fade as the fight goes on. We mean, Spence is a guy who’s survived two brutal car crashes. That should prove to you that there's no stopping him whatsoever.

Crawford doesn’t have nearly the same output as Spence, but he’ll be way, way more selective with his punches. He actually puts power and creativity into his attack, giving him an air of unpredictability that Spence lacks. Crawford does possess a two-inch trash advantage too, which could make his offense even more effective. While both fighters are fast, we think Crawford might be a tad bit speedier.

If there’s a big difference between the two, it might be in-ring activity as of late. Spence has only fought two times since September 2019 due to the aforementioned car crashes and an injury. Crawford is two years older, but he’s stayed in action consistently. Crawford has had four fights in the same span that Spence has had two.

Crawford vs. Spence Betting Picks

We’ll be making two different Crawford vs. Spence bets — one on the moneyline and the other on over/under. For bettors feeling risky, consider parlaying these two wagers together. If not, single bets on each works too. You decide on that, but here are the betting outcomes we predict:

Over/Under 10.5 Rounds

As you can tell by the betting odds underneath, the over 10.5 rounds is a clear-cut favorite to play out:

Over 10.5 rounds-220-220-220
Under 10.5 rounds+180+180+180

If Spence wins this, then it’s almost guaranteed to be by decision. Outside of a flash knockdown to an unbalanced Shawn Porter, Spence hasn’t put any opponent down in years. Power just isn’t a big part of his arsenal — not compared to his high output which wears down foes over 12 rounds.

Crawford, on the other hand, does have KO potential. Eight of his last wins have all come from stoppage, including Porter in 2021. Still, we think this fight goes the 12 rounds. How evenly-matched both fighters are begs for it going the distance so take the over here.

Over 10.5 rounds in Crawford vs. Spence fight


Oh, boy, this is not an easy bet to make. We could honestly talk ourselves into putting money on either man. However, there are no cop outs and there can only be one winner (barring a draw).

If there’s an area where Spence can be exploited it’s his predictability. He’s going to stand in front of you and punch without much creativity. Spence balances that out with extreme conditioning, but still, Crawford will have his openings because he’ll know EXACTLY where Spence will be. We’d watch out for Crawford’s uppercut, first and foremost. It has the potential to stun Spence and elicit the “oohs” and “ahs” from the crowd, which sway judges at times.

Judges, though, can also be influenced by in-ring activity. In that regard, Spence is going to get the love. There’s almost no way that Crawford throws more punches than Spence. Dictating the fight like that could make Spence appear to be in control, which could steal a round point in a close situation.

Ah, what the hell, we’re betting Spence to prevail as the underdog. In a 12-round fight, his blistering pace and superb fundamentals will swing one extra round his way. Spence will win a war of attrition.

Errol Spence to beat Terrence Crawford

How To Bet On Spence vs. Crawford?

You have our expert picks, now where is the best place to bet on Spence vs. Crawford? That would be one of the betting sites listed below. These are the top-rated bookies, per our latest sportsbook reviews. Not only will you find moneyline and over/under odds, but any one of these sites will also offer Crawford-Spence props. Those props could get some extra mileage out of this fight for bettors. Look into the lucrative sportsbook bonuses available from site to site if you need free money to get more betting action too!