Top 10 highest paid Premier League players

Who is the richest player in the Premier League by weekly wage packet? Are they notorious for flashing the cash like its going out of fashion or are they are tight as the loophole contracts their super-agent concocted? We’ll find out. 

Highest paid Premier League players per week

Premier League stars are seen more like commodities than human beings and you can see why with the exobitant salaries they’re receiving. The figures, just by looking at them, seem absolutely ridiculous. But when you take into account how much revenue they bring in for their particular club, maybe the amount they’re paid isn’t so obscene afterall.

The highest-paid players are usually offensive minded, so take a look at Bovada’s current future odds for the most likely Golden Boot winners. Click on the photo and you’ll be swiftly taken to Bovada’s site so you can bet with verve. 

Premier League Golden Boot















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