Sportsbooks for the Brooklyn Nets were once full of hope. Now the Nets are left with very little avenues to turn the team around and may be looking at a long road back to the playoffs after their trade for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce that cost them their future first round draft picks. The Nets are a team that may have been blinded by the prospects of winning in New York City. The Brooklyn Nets came from New Jersey set to make a splash and take the city by storm but haven’t enjoyed the success the team, and fans, desired.   [+]

The Nets got themselves into a very tough spot by making too many trades and now it appears the only way out of this mess is to slowly and methodically rebuild a team that can contend every night.  

Brooklyn Nets Next Game

Have a look below to see what team the Brookly Nets are pitted against next. Analyse past results and dig into the analytics to find a bet that makes sense for you.  [+]

The Brooklyn Nets were a well balanced team and have seen it all slip away. Their bright spot is Brook Lopez, who has absolutely dominated up front since entering the league. When Brook is healthy he is easily one of the best big men in the NBA. 

NBA - League 2023-2024
Saturday, Dec 02, 202307:00 PM
Orlando Magic@Brooklyn Nets
NBA - League 2023-2024
Wednesday, Dec 06, 202307:30 PM
Brooklyn Nets@Atlanta Hawks
NBA - League 2023-2024
Friday, Dec 08, 202307:30 PM
Washington Wizards@Brooklyn Nets
Last update on Dec 5, 2023 12:45 PM

Brooklyn Nets Regular Game Schedule

Check out how the Nets fare, both at home and away, to source potential betting opportunities. If you know the Nets like the back of your hand, you’re bound to find fruitful wagers. 

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Brooklyn Nets Standings Today

How are the Nets doing in the current campaign? Probably pooerly if the recent past has anything to say about it. Be resourceful and find a wager that works for you. 

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How To Make Money Betting on the Brooklyn Nets 

The Nets went for it all in their deal for Garnett and Pierce and that attempt to take on the entire conference overnight failed. 

Devoting your betting attention to prop bets is a good way to make money on the Nets. Brook Lopez is a dynamo and should be backed more often than not. He's bound to score points and could restor a lot of faith when betting on the Brookly Nets. 

Brook Lopez 2015 Highlights

Brook Lopez is one of the Nets best players and he absolutely dominates his opposition. Check out Brook Lopez Highlights courtesy of The Crossover.