What Are The NBA Eastern Conference Standings Today


Viewing the Eastern Conference’s standings daily should be a reflexive part of your NBA betting repertoire. These standings are an understated goldmine. [+]

They provide a quick view of which teams are better or worse than others, and they allow you to get a head start on the playoff bracket by assessing which teams have the potential to match up against certain other opponents in the first round.

Do not underestimate the value of those hypothetical first-round playoff dates. They shape the rest of the postseason.

You can realistically map out a few different paths for certain teams—the most likely ones. And by doing that, you’ll have a better idea of which squads will be more attractive wagers when the postseason rolls around.




How To Make Money Betting On NBA Eastern Conference 

This advice comes with a disclaimer: there is no guarantee in sports betting, not even when we zoom in on Eastern Conference betting. We can do a lot to improve our chances of coming out on top, but it is impossible not to run a risk when we wager. 

The first and most important thing when looking to make money on Eastern Conference NBA betting is to find a great online sportsbook with top welcome bonuses. These sites will also provide the most accurate odds. It is vital for smart sports bettors to have up-to-date odds in order to successfully develop a basketball betting strategy.

A great option, for example, is BetOnline. They have wonderful welcome bonuses and reload promotions. Plus, when you wager with Bitcoin, you can an extra boost to your bonus, really extending your possibilities to win.

When it comes to the bet types that are most profitable for Eastern Conference betting, it all depends on your strategy and strengths. If you are great at thinking on your feet as the game and odds advance together, then live betting is probably where you can make the most profit.

If you are more of a long-gamer, then futures are a great option. Some of us are faster thinkers, while others are great at waiting patiently for the right moment to bet. The key to futures betting is to watch betting line movement carefully. You will see them go up and down, and smart bettors will know when it is time to move the wager to the bet slip.

Another great strategy is to focus on underdogs. In this strategy, you might not win a majority of your wagers, as the underdog is by definition more likely to lose. However, because these bets come with such profit, you can still make money, if you bet on the right underdogs.