What Is The NBA Finals Matchup

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Western Conference
1Minnesota Timberwolves55391662685869399
2Oklahoma City Thunder54371765246136388
3Los Angeles Clippers53361762685973295
4Denver Nuggets55361962676095172
5New Orleans Pelicans55332264056172233
6Phoenix Suns55332264686289179
7Dallas Mavericks5532236526644878
8Sacramento Kings5431236394636826
9Los Angeles Lakers56302665526559-7
10Golden State Warriors5327266346626482
11Utah Jazz56263066106760-150
12Houston Rockets5424306120608832
13Memphis Grizzlies56203659966328-332
14Portland Trail Blazers54153958256302-477
15San Antonio Spurs55114461506624-474
Eastern Conference
1Boston Celtics55431266376081556
2Cleveland Cavaliers53361760895788301
3Milwaukee Bucks56352168336655178
4New York Knicks55332262976047250
5Philadelphia 76ers54322263906153237
6Indiana Pacers5631256928684880
7Orlando Magic5530256145609748
8Miami Heat5530256082607111
9Chicago Bulls55262961496212-63
10Atlanta Hawks55243166736814-141
11Brooklyn Nets54213361216244-123
12Toronto Raptors55193662636477-214
13Charlotte Hornets54134158676447-580
14Washington Wizards5494561986689-491
15Detroit Pistons5484660956588-493
1Boston Celtics55431266376081556
2New York Knicks55332262976047250
3Philadelphia 76ers54322263906153237
4Brooklyn Nets54213361216244-123
5Toronto Raptors55193662636477-214
1Miami Heat5530256082607111
2Orlando Magic5530256145609748
3Atlanta Hawks55243166736814-141
4Charlotte Hornets54134158676447-580
5Washington Wizards5494561986689-491
1Cleveland Cavaliers53361760895788301
2Milwaukee Bucks56352168336655178
3Indiana Pacers5631256928684880
4Chicago Bulls55262961496212-63
5Detroit Pistons5484660956588-493
1Minnesota Timberwolves55391662685869399
2Oklahoma City Thunder54371765246136388
3Denver Nuggets55361962676095172
4Utah Jazz56263066106760-150
5Portland Trail Blazers54153958256302-477
1Los Angeles Clippers53361762685973295
2Phoenix Suns55332264686289179
3Sacramento Kings5431236394636826
4Los Angeles Lakers56302665526559-7
5Golden State Warriors5327266346626482
1New Orleans Pelicans55332264056172233
2Dallas Mavericks5532236526644878
3Houston Rockets5424306120608832
4Memphis Grizzlies56203659966328-332
5San Antonio Spurs55114461506624-474
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How To Make Money Betting On NBA Finals

Certain sportsbooks will let you pick an NBA Finals round winner even after the series starts. Not all, but some. When considering these wagers, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The first rule of thumb is to toss out betting on the favorites unless the odds are, for some reason, skewed in your favor. This rarely happens, but sometimes, if the initial underdog jumps out to the series lead, or if the series is just at 1-0, the overall odds won't have shifted much from the pre-Finals lines.

Mostly, though, mid-series bets are for taking a flyer on the underdog.

Like all mid-series playoff bets, you'll want to steer completely clear of picking the underdog when they're trailing 3-0. We don't endorse rolling the dice on a 3-1 hole either. No team has ever relinquished a 3-0 lead, and it's just about the same story for squads that get out to 3-1 advantages.

Any other series deficits give you a chance to lay down some money on declining stock. It's a risk, to be sure, and should only be done when you're comfortable doing it. But if there is ever a time to take these chances it's in the NBA Finals.

After all, you're watching two of the best teams in the league. The gap between them is seldom enormous. Either one should have the potential to beat the other one. So when you see a team fall down 1-0, or 2-0, or 2-1, or 3-2, don't hesitate to at least consider tossing a Finals future play their way.