It used to be that the NBA's Western Conference was chaotic in the most confusing possible way for any basketball bettors. There were so many championship contenders, five or six in any given season, that navigating individual game and futures lines became an impossible chore. But now, thanks to the historical explosion of the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs, the West is a bit more predictable. And that also means it is, from a sportsbetting perspective, a lot more profitable. [+]

Don't mistake this as being overly dismissive. There are still a ton of good teams in the West aside from Golden State and San Antonio, including the Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Both can be recognized as championship contenders. And yet, they really aren't. Such is life against this year's version of the Spurs and Warriors.

That the middle class of the West is no longer as strong only thins out the title conversation. After the top four squads, there aren't a whole lot of threats.

The Houston Rockets have underachieved while the Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers are in the middle of resets.

The New Orleans Pelicans have imploded, while the Utah Jazz, after an impressive end to 2014-15, have been derailed by injuries and inconsistent point guard play.

There is enough potential in many of these other teams that single game moneylines, spreads, overs and unders can be constantly up for grabs.

But that still doesn't apply to the Spurs or Warriors. They are the most reliable individual game, conference and championship plays, and there isn't anything another West team can do about it.


Best NBA Western Conference Sportsbook Odds

Stay in tune with the latest Western Conference odds right here. The latest mathchups, complete with spreads, moneylines, overs and unders are all below. [+]

If you're not someone who makes their bets early, then ensure you're circling back here right before placing your wagers. The lines can change throughout the day, which is why it's best to pull the trigger when they're first published if possible.

This isn't the case for every game, of course. If you have injury concerns about a particular matchup and are wondering if a certain player will be suiting up, it is most definitely smart to wait.

The important thing to remember is that you should always check, even double and triple check, the odds just before submitting bets.

We have everyting in one convenient location for you, so, ya know, put it to good use!


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What Are The Western Conference Conference Standings Today

Need the Western Conference's standings? We've got you covered. Use these as a basic betting rubric, where you check out how teams' records stack up against one another. [+]

You'll also need this to keep tabs on the West's playoff picture. Seeding battles are important, as they directly affect the postseason bracket, which, in turn, impacts how your entire playoff betting blueprint will unfold.


How To Make Money Betting On NBA Western Conference

The tricky thing about futures, and even when looking at individual game plays over the long term, is that we're constantly waiting, if expecting, for change—a seismic shift in conference or league power structure. But that's not going to happen in the Western Conference.

Both the Spurs and the Warriors are built to dominate the field for years. Not just a few years, but five or more seasons. They have the right mix of young talent and veteran leadership, and more importantly, they've assembled cultures and business processess that make it impossible to doubt their ability to prolong their conference and championship windows, even when it's time for a transition.

Consider this upcoming offseason, for instance. Kevin Durant will enter free agency, at which point he could go anywhere he pleases. There isn't a team in the league that would say no to him. The problem? It will be incredibly difficult to pry him out of Oklahoma City. He has been on the Thunder his entire career. He knows they have a superstar trio that can remain relevant for, conservatively, the next five to seven years.

And yet, both the Spurs and Warriors are expected to give him chase this summer, in large part because the salary cap explosion will afford great teams like them a one-time window to add even more high-impact. But the Warriors and Spurs aren't only expected to pursue Durant. No, no, no. They're expected to become favorites for his services should he decide to leave Oklahoma City.

That's the repuation both teams have built for themselves. They are two of the best teams in NBA history, and for the forseeable future, it would be pointless to direct your Western Conference and championship bets anywhere outside of Oakland or San Antonio.