What Are The Western Conference Conference Standings Today

Need the Western Conference’s standings? We’ve got you covered. Use these as a basic betting rubric, where you check out how teams’ records stack up against one another. [+]

You’ll also need this to keep tabs on the West’s playoff picture. Seeding battles are important, as they directly affect the postseason bracket, which, in turn, impacts how your entire playoff betting blueprint will unfold.


How To Make Money Betting On NBA Western Conference

The tricky thing about futures, and even when looking at individual game plays over the long term, is that we're constantly waiting, if expecting, for change—a seismic shift in conference or league power structure. But that's not going to happen in the Western Conference.

The top-tier teams are built to dominate the field for years. Not just a few years, but five or more seasons. They have the right mix of young talent and veteran leadership, and more importantly, they've assembled cultures and business processes that make it impossible to doubt their ability to prolong their conference and championship windows, even when it's time for a transition.

Consider the Lakers and Clippers, who have solid squads and on paper look like the best in the league. Kevin Durant has joined the East, as has James Harden, meaning a lot of talent has moved East. There isn't a team in the league that would say no to this type of player. It will be incredibly difficult to replace these types of players on their previous teams' roster. They know they have superstars that can remain relevant for, conservatively, the next four to six years.

The top teams have built a reputation for themselves. But other teams are beginning to challenge the leaders, Luka Doncic and his Mavericks to name a few. Damien Lillard continues to show his worth as the franchise player at Portland, and the Suns and Utah Jazz seem unstoppable this season. It will be a very exciting offseason in 2021/22, of that you can be sure. But, who will win it?