While the Mavericks might not be the most attractive team to watch in the Western Conference, they know how to get the job done and have for years.  Trailing off now substantially from their glory days, the Mavericks day in the spotlight may be over for now, but your opportunities to bet on them certainly isn’t. Still led by the marevel that is Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas is built to play teams tough physically while knocking down low percentage shots. The Mavs are still a solid team, one that wins as consistently on the road as they do at home. [+]

The same can be said for their losses, which makes the Mavs a tricky team to bet on. 


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The Dallas Mavericks next game is your starting point when assessing if you want to make a wager that day. Check out how both teams are playing before making any wagers.


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Referencing the Mavs schedule will help you avoid betting heavily on the team while in the midst of a long road trip and other factors that might effect their level of play.

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Check the Dallas Mavericks standings before you make your bets and compare their positioning to the opposition to get an idea of how they stack up.



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How to Make Money Betting on the Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks are a talented bunch led by a hall of fame player in Dirk Nowitzki, but the Western Conference is an absolute dog fight. The Mavericks are a true dark horse given their track record but we doubt that Dirk will be able to bring another title to town so a futures bet, for the time being, is out of the question. 

The Mavs win as much at home as they do on the road so take a look at what teams they play well against and bet accordingly. The Mavs have a tendency of going on long winning and losing streaks, so back them if they're showing good form.