The Kings are a bit on an enigma. They should be, with Demarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo on the roster, the best team based out of California. Clearly, though, they aren’t. Rondo, maybe due to disinterest, has faded in recent years. It was expected that he would play with more vigor in Sacramento. Rondo hasn’t found the consistency needed to drive this team to a title. Cousins can be the focal point of a team, with the ability to dominated any game. They call him Boogie Cousins for a reason. He can be the scariest man on the floor. 


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Check out the Sacramento Kings next game and figure out how their opponent is playing. Sacramento might have a habit of playing poorly on the road so consider those aspects.


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The Sacramento Kings regular season schedule is a great way to find bets ahead of time. You won’t know the game odds but you’ll have an idea of what games to focus on. 


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How to Make Money Betting on the Sacramento Kings

The Kings have dynamic talent in Demarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo but with their charisma and personality comes a few pitfalls. Team chemistry is lacking and it shows. The Kings have an ability to dominate on the boards and distribute the ball as well as any other team but find a way to under achieve. It seems some NBA teams can't shake a troubled past.

The Kings are as bad at home as they are on the road and finished a woeful 19-33 against Western Conference foes during the 2015-16 campaign so keep that in mind before placing your next wager. 

It seems the best way to bet on the Kings is to count on dominant home performances because they just don't seem carry themselves well on the road. When Sacramento has so much competition in their own state it makes it understandable why they have had trouble breaking through in the NBA.