What Are The NFL Standings Today

Take a gander at the latest NFL standings below. We strongly advise making a habit out of this before plopping down money on any NFL matchup, whether that’s a spread or point totals.

Why? Because the standings will tell you a lot about a team. Beyond just their win-loss record, standings are also a good gauge for a team’s circumstances. Can they afford to slide a little because they’ve built a commanding lead over the next-best team? Or are they in desperation mode to move up the leaderboard?

The standings underneath also include point totals on the year. The + icon indicates points for, while the – icon is points given up. Of course, we probably don’t need to remind you this is the type of data you need to weigh heavily while betting over/unders.

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NFL Betting Advice

In layman's terms, you'll need to win more bets than you lose. Simple in theory, but of course, much harder in practice. No, but seriously, NFL betting is like the real game of football itself. Each team or bettor has its own playing style. There's no all-encompassing NFL betting advice that works, in fact, there's actually several.

Finding out what your exact style is imperative to long-term success. Perhaps it's strategically picking underdogs to win outright or getting a feel for the game and wagering live. That betting journey is for you to trek. However, we do want to share some NFL betting tips that hopefully lead you in the right direction.

Cling To The Data, Not Emotions

It flies under the radar, but sports betting is one of the most data-heavy industries around today. The very betting lines you're picking between were probably generated by an advanced computer algorithm. Behind this algorithm is a host of big data including, but not limited to, playing stats, the strength of schedule, margin of victory, and so much more.

Knowing this, do you really believe you'll be able to outsmart these algorithms by just "trusting your gut?" We sure hope not.

No, if you want to beat these advanced computer models, you'll need to do some research of your own. Thankfully, the Internet is flowing with advanced NFL betting statistics that range from on-target throws to defensive quarterback pressures and everything in-between.

Not only does leveraging data help make more informed NFL sports bet picks, but there's also a psychological advantage. Your betting confidence will skyrocket when you know there's evidence that supports your strategy.

Emotional betting is a no-no here. That can manifest in a number of ways. Chief among them is betting on your favorite NFL team or player. Your affinity toward them automatically clouds your judgment. In the same token, don't chase money if you've lost a few wagers in a row. Let bygone be bygones and live to fight another day — with a data-driven bet, of course.


Find The Trends, Hot Or Cold

Trend, trends, and trends — we seriously can't overstate how important NFL betting trends are. Football teams and players are typically a streaky bunch and gauging what direction they're trending can tip you off on a bet ahead of time.

This is especially important when betting NFL because things change so quickly and injuries are the prime reason why. Who a football team is during week 1 when they're fully healthy is night and day from who they are in week 10 after it's depth chart has been depleted due to injuries. Keep recency top of mind when trying to spot trends.

However, you want to avoid at all costs the "gambler's fallacy" as its come to be known. What is this fallacy, you ask? More or less, it's believing that outcomes will average out in due time. As an example, say an NFL team's lost the coin toss three times in a row. This fallacy would lead you to believe the team is "overdue" for a win next.

That assumption is just flat-out foolish. Look, a coin has no memory. Every time it's flipped, there's a 50 percent chance it's going either way — thus making prior outcomes obsolete. Don't make this type of mistake with your NFL betting strategy.

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Play The Long Game

The beginning of the NFL season is typically the most unpredictable, mostly because "the book" isn't out on players and coaches yet. With little to no game tape available to review, coaching staffs lack insight into its opponent.

Of course, that all changes around the mid-point of the season in Week 8 or so. By now, playing habits have emerged for every single team and player.

That's why we advise keeping the betting bankroll small at first. Don't let early-season unpredictability derail you. Remember the data and trends we mentioned before? Well, those won't crystalize until the season is well underway.

Later in the season is when you can really up the ante on your betting volume. By then, you'll have a good grasp of styles — not only of NFL teams and players but even your own as a bettor.

And that's how to bet on NFL games, well, sort of. Of course, you'll learn more by sports betting NFL yourself. If you feel ready — which you should after this article — then you can wager at the top sportsbooks below: