Monitoring the New York Rangers is essential to ensure you aren’t placing blind bets. The Rangers have a muddled history filled with fantastic, dominant periods as well as heartbreaking stints. The franchise as a whole seems to have a dysfunctional relationship with winning, as the Stanley Cup has eluded them for years at a time. The Rangers are in the tail end of Henrik Lundqvist’s window of opportunity to hoist the Stanley Cup and the perennial go-for-broke trades have made the Rangers a win-now team. [+]

The Rangers are a team that has been chomping at the bit and it seems that they might finally be closing in on winning it all, but the window is definitely not as open as it once was.

Who Do The NY Rangers Play Next

Make sure you know who the Rangers play next in order to make the best possible bet. It will help your chances signficantly and also prepare you for future encounters. 



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NY Rangers Game Schedule

The Rangers’ game schedule is the best tool to inspect how the team will deal with future opponents. Check out if the team is a group of road warriors who may pick up victories in tough buildings and plan around upcoming home stands so you cash while the getting is good.

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NY Rangers Standings Today

The New York Rangers may not be tomorrow where they are in the standings today so check periodically and be aware of stretches where the team may drop, and pick up, points. 

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The King Seeks a Crown 

The New York Rangers have touted goaltender Henrik Lundqvist as "King Henrik" but that name will not last forever if Lundqvist doesn't get his name engraved on the Stanley Cup. With only one appearance in the finals under his belt, Lundqvist seeks that second chance to bring the Cup back to New York. 

The Rangers have not been shy about their goal during this crucial period for Lundqvist. The Rangers make big moves annually to try to add that elusive final piece to the puzzle. Can New York get over the hump and finally visit the promise land for the first time since 1994? 

It seems like anything can happen with the Rangers and for a team that has had great post season success recently, the division standings won't tell you the full picture about what this Original 6 franchise is capable of.