Sportsbook ag Promo Code

How To Get Sportsbook ag Bonus

Does a domain name get better than strictly just Sportsbook? Short, sweet, and to the point — which is exactly what betting on sports online should be about.

Does the betting experience at Sportsbook ag live up to its name? That’s a tall order, but they do a lot of things right as our review highlights in full.  

This guide will be hyper-focused on its bonuses and promotions. How do they fare against some of the best betting sites offers on the Internet?

Well, we’re answering that question throughout this in-depth article. Along the way, we’ll also spell out bonuses rules, what Sportsbook ag promo codes (if any) are necessary, and so much more!

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  1. 1 Create your account on Sportsbook => click here
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  3. 3Deposit at $50 into your betting account
Max Bonus
Min Deposit
$ 10
Worth noting about Sportsbook Ag
  • Sign-up bonus can reach $2000 in free play
  • Free play bets given to loyal players
  • Large sports betting menu
So how can I claim this bonus? Just sign up and make an initial deposit of $50 Sign up Now

Sportsbook Ag Bonus Rules

Bonuses Are Ever-Changing At Sportsbook Ag

The only thing certain about Sportsbook ag bonuses and promotions is change. The betting site is constantly tinkering with its rewards offering, which is a necessity in today’s ultra-competitive online betting market.

Your best bet to know what’s running presently is to head to Sportsbook ag directly and click into their promotions page. However, you must be signed in to your account to see the deals. For non-account holders, they’re hidden. 

But hey, that’s why we’re here. As of this post time, here’s what bonuses are there for the taking at Sportsbook ag:

Sportsbook Ag Welcome Bonuses

As has become the norm with online betting sites, Sportsbook ag offers its bonus only once you’ve made an initial deposit. So you’ll need to have some skin in the game to qualify first, but not a whole lot, either. 

That’s because a meagre $50 deposit will automatically earn you the bonus. On deposits of $50 or more, Sportsbook ag will match you 20 percent of it in free play. 

Here’s where Sportsbook ag differs from its competitors, however. It’s not a one-and-done deal. Rather, they’ll match every deposit (including re-ups) you make up to $10,000. Therefore, this bonus can earn you as much as $2000 — which is certainly on the high side. 

There’s no need for a Sportsbook ag promo code reload or anything of that nature. You’ll be offered this bonus when creating an account for the first time, which is a hassle-free process in its own right. 

Sportsbook Ag Casino Opportunities

There are several casino-specific bonuses at Sportsbook ag, both in the form of free play and cashback.

For one, they’ll match the amount of your first casino wager dollar-for-dollar. That deal is capped at $100, though. Bonus money will be credited as soon as you confirm your first wager.

Or you can opt for the casino losses rebate. With this deal, players can earn back 25 percent of net casino losses every week. The max payout for this bonus is $250. 

On top of bonuses, the casino also has daily deals on slots (Spin To Win Friday) or tournaments on popular table games like blackjack.  

Sportsbook Ag Bonus House Rules

No matter what bonus or promotion that Sportsbook ag currently has running, there are hard rules that apply to each.

For one, Sportsbook ag rarely budges on its rollover requirement — the minimum amount that needs to be wagered before the withdrawal of bonus funds is possible. At the racebook, it’s 5X, while sports jumps to 20X, and casino tops out at 35X. 

The latter two are on the high side compared to industry norms. Given that all Sportsbook ag bonus rewards expire within 30 days of claiming, meeting those playthrough requirements are from guarantees. Even if met, that’s a lot of your money to risk, which all but cancels out whatever free play you earned.  

Moreover, Sportsbook ag are real sticklers for “abusers” of their bonuses. There’s more than one way to fit that description. Perhaps the most common one is to create multiple accounts to redeem the one-time sign-up bonus.

However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In the Sportsbook ag house rules, these actions are considered abusive too:

  • Cashing out with the intent of re-depositing
  • Referring new accounts for your use, not a true friend or family member
  • Betting both sides of a single event to deceptively meet playthrough requirements
  • Depositing to earn a bonus without actually making activity on the deposited amount

Punishments for abusing bonuses can lead to account suspensions or outright closures. It’s a case-by-case example and at Sportsbook ag’s full discretion to punish how they see fit.

Using A Sportsbook Ag Free Bet

Believe it or not, the Sportsbook ag free bet is a real thing. While free bets have largely fallen out of favour in many online sportsbooks, Sportsbook ag still doles them out from time to time.

However, free bets are strictly by invitation only. You won’t see these advertised on the website promotions page or elsewhere in the form of a Sportsbook ag promo code 2020. Instead, the betting site hands them out to loyal players as a token of appreciation occasionally. 

If you’re the beneficiary of one — no matter the amount — you’ll find it incredibly easy to use on-site. Just place a wager per usual, and if said wager meets the free play requirement, you’ll be presented with a “free bet” option when confirming the bet. Here, you can select how much free money you want to stake as part of the bet — it’s as easy at that!

Sportsbook ag free bets are free, too. That means you won’t have any deductions on your betting account when leveraging one. But in the same token, pays out from these bets will be strictly on the wins, not the wager amount. 

Better yet, free bets can be applied to a multitude of bets including straight, parlays, teasers, and props. The only lines off-limits are futures and round robins. You have to take the good with the bad, we guess.       

Loyalty Pays Off At Sportsbook Ag

Like we said, loyal players, get free bet offers sent to them, but what exactly makes someone “loyal” in eyes of Sportsbook ag? Account longevity? The volume of bets in sheer money? Consistent funding of betting account?

Well, the answer is all the above. According to Sportsbook ag, bonus eligibility is formulated off “recent real-money activity (deposits and bets).” Moreover, they also consider what previous awards you’ve already redeemed. It’s not an exact science by any means, but consistent playthrough is what it’ll take to receive the elusive free bet offer, plus any others. 

But here’s the thing — you don’t have to wait until Sportsbook ag deems you worthy. If you feel you’ve earned a loyalty bonus, you can email them directly and ask for one. Just be sure to include your customer ID number and a brief message of why you’re deserving. Sportsbook ag will reply with a yes or no answer within 24 hours of receiving the request.  

That does it for us and our Sportsbook ag bonus guide. Digest all this information and feel free to redeem whichever award you see fit — if any at all.