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WagerWeb.eu Sign Up Bonus

When it comes to bonuses or even just wagering at-large, bettors want options and plenty of them. After all, no one wants to be shoehorned into a single promotion or category of betting.

WagerWeb knows this and that’s the driving force behind how they do sign-up bonuses.

On the platform, they have three different welcome packages for first-time or inactive players — standard, high roller, and elite. Even within those respective packages, new signees have the option to be rewarded in cashback or free play.

Of course, not all of WagerWeb’s six different sign-up bonuses are created equal. A certain type of bettor will gravitate toward one, while a different one will go after another. That’s what makes WagerWeb’s deals some of the best betting site offers on the Internet today — there’s something for everybody!

We’re covering all things WagerWeb bonus throughout this guide. By the end of it, you’ll know which promotion is better suited for your playing style!

100% Bonus 100% FREE PLAY or 20% CASH
  1. 1 Create your account on WagerWeb => click here
  2. 2Complete the fast and secure registration process
  3. 3Head to the cashier section to make a first deposit
  4. 4Loaded sportsbook, casino, and racebook offerings
Max Bonus
Min Deposit
$ 50
Value Score
Worth noting about WagerWeb
  • Multiple sign-up packages to choose from
  • Earn bonus in either cashback or free play
  • Top-notch seasonal promotions
So how can I claim this bonus? A meager $100 deposit earns you a bonus of your choosing Sign up Now

WagerWeb.eu Bonus Rules

Options Galore For WagerWeb Sign-Up Bonus

New players to WagerWeb have not one, not two, but three different welcome bonuses to pick from upon signup — and multiple options within each those respective bonuses, too. This amount of options might seem overwhelming for some, but it’s really not and we’re here to help simplify it for you.

Bettors are allowed to pick one bonus only, so it pays to be informed. But word of advice: don’t necessarily look for the “best” deal, but instead select the deal that most aligns with your strategy — more on this as we go along. Anyway, here are all your options:

Standard WagerWeb Welcome Bonus

The most introductory option at WagerWeb is very barebones, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With the standard package, players can choose to be paid out in free play or cashback.

We know what you’re thinking, isn’t free play and cashback the same thing? It’s not and here’s the difference.

Cashback offers more freedom. The money-back from it can be used freely throughout the site — the sportsbook, casino, whatever bet type, etc. Whereas free play is a lot more limiting. Typically, they can only be used on single bets with specific odds, while some casino games are off-limits completely. 

If cashback and the playing freedom that comes with it appeals to you more, WagerWeb’s standard welcome package comes with a 50-percent cash bonus. That means whatever you initially deposit will be matched in half by WagerWeb. The max deposit allowed is $1000, therefore, you’re capped at a $500 bonus here. The minimum deposit is $100, by the way. 

The free play-based bonus is a little more lucrative — but at the cost of being limited to certain bets. Still, WagerWeb will match your deposit by 75 percent in free play if you go that route instead of cashback. Here again, the deposit limit is $1000, thus $750 is the max free play that can be earned.  

But that’s not all. On top of free play, you’ll also earn weekly cashback on non-deposits. In fact, WagerWeb will refund five percent on casino losses and racetrack bets (all money wagered, not just losses), respectively.

On the surface, it may seem like getting free play plus weekly cashback on the casino and racetrack is the obvious choice over just cashback. It might be unless you plan on staking more than 20 percent of your initial deposit into a single bet. That’s not allowed with the free-play bonus, which may not suit the riskier players. 

Whatever option you choose, know both the cashback and free play comes with a 15X rollover rate. No money earned can be withdrawn until this playthrough requirement is completely fulfilled.

WagerWeb High Roller Welcome Bonus

With a name like “high roller” you’d think this sign-up bonus would be more lucrative than the standard one, but it’s not — far from it actually. 

If you choose the cashback option, it’s credited at just 20 percent of your initial bonus — thus, 30 percent below the normal welcome page.

The free play package is hardly better. Here, the free play portion shrinks to 30 percent, but the five percent rebate inside the casino and racetrack remains intact. 

However, the value of the high roller comes in the form of its rollover requirement, which is 10X on both cashback and free play options. Given the lower percentage match on this bonus, that 10X playthrough is very beatable for a 30-day period (the length of the bonus before it expires).  

We’d advise this bonus for the player that doesn’t want to be handcuffed by rollovers, but still wants a nice bonus payout. Moreover, a deal like this is better suited for a player truly looking to test the site out. After all, welcome deals were originally intended with this goal in mind before the allure of big-money winnings flipped things upside down. 

WagerWeb Elite Welcome Bonus

There’s one perk to the elite bonus that really separates it from the high roller and standard deal — a one-percent cashback in the sportsbook weekly (credited on Mondays). If you’re picking this deal, it’s because of that feature above everything else.

Moreover, the sportsbook cashback is determined by the total volume bet over the week. Therefore, win or lose, you’re earning money right back every single week. 

And to only sweeten the deal, there is absolutely no rollover with this moneyback. You’re free to withdraw immediately — which is practically unheard of for any bonus earnings.

The rest of the deal is nothing to write home about if we’re being honest. You can choose between a 10 percent cashback or 15 percent in free play off your first-time deposit. 

This bonus is more about playing the “long game” if you will. Over time, a one-percent cashback on sportsbook wagers will easily surpass any one-time cashback or free play bonus. If you plan on betting WagerWeb long term, the elite bonus might be for you!  

Who Qualifies For A WagerWeb Welcome Bonus?

There’s a couple of hard rules for claiming any one of the above three bonuses — no matter which you choose.

One, you must be a resident of the United States or Canada. While WagerWeb is accessible throughout most of the world, bonuses are reserved for North America-based players. 

Two, new signees must be at least 18 years old. WagerWeb forbids players below that age from wagering, so they’re excluded from all things WagerWeb, not just the bonus. The site might ask for players to verify their age with a photo ID.   

Three, the bonuses are largely for new bettors. The only exception is players that have been inactive for three months or longer are also eligible.

Aside from those three restrictions, these bonuses are fair game. You don’t have to take them by any means, but would you ever leave free money on the table?  

Tenth Deposit Is On The House At WagerWeb

Tenth times the charm at WagerWeb. It’s hard to believe, but WagerWeb will actually cover your 10th deposit in full. That is, if you meet one not-so-easy requirement — you must make nine deposits in a row at WagerWeb without requesting a payout.

Honesty, that’s a lot to ask for. Especially considering the nine deposits need to be made within a 90-day time period as the bonus rules state. Those strict requirements will negate most bettors, but if you have the long-term investment capital, the free deposit is certainly worthwhile.  

The on-the-house tenth deposit will be the average sum of your first nine deposits. You can claim this bonus again if you go on another roll of nine straight deposits without a cashout. 

The bonus is capped at a respectable $750. A rollover rate of 5X applies to winnings, which will be credited as cash, not free play.