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  • Extensive list of betting options
  • A dedicated casino, poker room, and live casino
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5Dimes calls themselves “the gold standard in online gaming.” But does it really live up to being one of the best online sportsbook?

We’re about to answer that very question through the course of this 5Dimes review. Nothing is off the table including its world-renowned sportsbook, full-fledged casino, payment methods, and some of the best online betting site offers.

After reading through this 5Dimes review, you’ll know exactly what to expect before you even make a wager on the site. Let’s get started! 

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  • Extensive list of betting options
  • A dedicated casino, poker room, and live casino
  • Pick your bonus reward preference
  • User interface of website is pretty barebones
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GIMME THIS BONUS! – New Players to 5Dimes can choose from one of several reward options.  Each new account is defaulted to their top reward plan, the Reduced Juice Rewards. If bonuses, cash-backs, or any other of our reward programs are more of your liking, you can contact Customer Service, which is available 24/7 via Live, to get more options.  

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Transferring Money In And Out Of 5Dimes

No 5Dimes review is complete without a complete breakdown of deposit and withdrawal methods. How much options are there? Is it an easy process? What are the associated fees and payout times per method? We’re about to answer all those questions and more!

5Dimes Deposit Methods

For North American bettors, the 5dimes deposit methods are pretty lengthy. By our count, there are six different ways to fund your account inside the cashier section.

Credit card and debit card will be the most popular route. 5Dimes accepts VISA only, so forget about using a 5Dimes Mastercard. Deposits can be made 24/7 with this option and are technically “free” — though, international fees will be applied by VISA, not 5Dimes themselves. 

Another popular option is through electronic check. You’ll need your bank details such as routing and account number handy to set up the transfer, which is free of cost to use and processes within hours.

A money order can also be made. However, you will be docked with a fee with this method. The exact fee will vary depending on the amount deposited but rates can be known ahead of time by speaking with the 5Dimes customer service team online. 

5Dimes also offers two unique deposit methods — sportsbook transfer and account to account. The first option allows you to transfer funds from other participating online sportsbooks not named 5Dimes. The second route allows 5Dimes users themselves to exchange funds between one another. Both options are free to use around-the-clock.

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Using 5Dimes Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the final deposit method, but it’s a big one. The crypto has taken the industry by storm as one betting site after another has begun accepting Bitcoin payments.

At 5Dimes, the advantages of using Bitcoin are pretty obvious. For starters, it’s free for any deposits over $25 — those below that are hit with a 5 percent surcharge on the deposited amount. 

All BTC transactions are converted to USD for betting use. However, unlike depositing through debit card, no foreign exchange rates apply whatsoever. 

Not only is it cheap, but it’s also fast. Funds are credited to your account within minutes. The worst-case scenario is about an hour wait time, but that’s not very common. 

Though, we do have to knock 5Dimes for solely accepting Bitcoin when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Other popular digital currencies like Litecoin or Ripple are not available for use within 5Dimes. In the future, we’d like to see more crypto variety inside 5Dimes. 

5Dimes Payout Methods

The same methods we just covered are also available as 5Dimes payout methods, minus two exceptions. VISA card and electronic check can’t be used for 5Dimes payout.   

Three 5Dimes cashout methods are completely free of use — bank to bank, sportsbook transfer, and 5Dimes payout Bitcoin. 

Payouts can also be accomplished through cashier check or bank wire, which aren’t available for depositing. However, these will cost you a pretty penny. It’s an $80 flat fee on bank wires when doing 5Dimes sportsbook payouts, whereas a check will run you between $40 and $80 depending on the withdrawal amount. Likewise, a money order also costs $80 per withdrawal. 

When it comes to processing times, none will be quicker than a 5Dimes Bitcoin payout. Funds are received within 48 hours of initiating a 5Dimes Bitcoin withdrawal — many times, even faster than that.  

Just for comparison sake, bank wires can take as much as six business days to complete. Even worse, a check might not arrive at your doorstep for 10 business days depending on where you live. 

5Dimes withdrawal limits will also vary per method. The max that can be cashed out per transaction is $10,000 when using Bitcoin, $9,500 if by bank wire or money order, and $7,500 through check. 

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5Dimes Sportsbook Review

Let’s move on to the 5Dimes sportsbook review, after all, sports betting is 5Dimes “meat and potatoes” if you will.

What immediately jumps out about the 5 dimes sportsbook is how many different sports and leagues are available for betting. It honestly feels like an all-you-can-eat buffet when it comes to 5Dimes sports betting — the big four American leagues, college sports, international soccer leagues across the world (not just Europe) — you name it, 5dimes sportsbook com probably has it. 

That sea of options is a huge plus for bettors because the 5dimes sportsbook can effectively serve as a one-stop destination for all your sports wagering needs. No need to fumble between site to site to get lines.  

The same variety applies to the actual bets to wager on, not just what sports are supported. 5Dimes propbet are abundant and so too are futures.

We’re also impressed with the actual quality of lines. By and large, the odds match up favorably with competitors. You might see a point here and there shaved on spreads or money lines, but no drastic differences — which is both good and bad depending on your perspective. 

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Betting On The Go With 5Dimes mobile

If you’re away from the computer, you can still wager through the 5Dimes mobile site. Just access 5dimes eu through a mobile browser on your cell phone or tablet and voila, you’ll be redirected to the 5Dimes mobile platform, which is a mirror image of the desktop site.

Perhaps the most convenient feature of the 5Dimes sportsbook mobile is live betting. While it’s also available to use on desktop, the functionality is really built for when bettors are on the move and accessing the site through a cell phone. 

Not all games have an in-play betting option, but marquee matchups most likely will. The sporting leagues most likely to be supported with live wagering are NFL, NBA, and MLB. 

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5Dimes Casino Review

We’ll finish off our 5Dimes review with an analysis of the casino. While most casinos typically play second fiddle to the sportsbook, 5Dimes has a pretty expansive casino

Expansive as in more than 200 different casino games that bettors can play from. Almost half of those are slots games. However, a litany of table games are also supported including blackjack (in eight variations, no less), craps, roulette, baccarat. 

There’s also a dedicated 5Dimes poker room. Games can be played from both a desktop or a mobile device. The user interface, much like the rest of 5Dimes, is pretty no-frills.   

Still, our 5Dimes poker review is boosted by the vast 5Dimes betting contests available on any given day. There’s a bunch of tourney variations such as freeze out, rebuy, shoot out, as an example. 

All in all, the casino has the same strength as the sportsbook — tons of options for bettors. You could spend endless hours inside 5Dimes and still not play everything that’s offered within the site, which is something you can’t say about all online betting platforms.

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