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BetJamaica - BetDSI merger

Long-time online bettors might remember BetJamaica. It was a virtual paradise for sports betting back in the industry’s infant years on the Internet. 

Fast-forward to today, the betting site has returned in a roundabout way. It has now merged with the bigger, more-established BetDSI, also known as the Diamond Sportsbook. The coalition is good news for bettors of sports, horse racing, casino, and everything in between, as our BetJamaica review eludes to. 

In spite of the partnership, the BetDSI domain remains the legacy site, meaning all wagering will be handled there. But on top of a large betting menu, there’s also an abundance of bonuses and promotions that new players can reap on the platform.

Over the course of this betting guide, we’ll break down BetDSI/BetJamaica’s best betting site offers. Here’s everything you need to know to maximize your earnings potential on the new partnered site! 

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BetJamaica Bonuses

BetJamaica/BetDSI Loyalty Program

Rewards programs are becoming more of the norm across the online betting space. However, BetDSI has long had a loyalty service and it’s one of the most fleshed out in the industry.

Officially dubbed the BetPoints Rewards Program, the service is broken into three tiers that players can rank up through. From lowest to highest, the levels are Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. There are specific perks to each tier, which we’ll dive into shortly.

Every time you wager at BetDSI, you’ll accumulate “BetPoints.” To no surprise, points will vary on bet types. For instance, a straight sports wager is worth a single point, while teasers are 1.5 points, and finally, parlays payout two points.

BetPoints can be exchanged for cash bonuses. For instance, 2,500 BetPoints are worth $25 at gold status. The same point total is worth $27.50 at the platinum level and $39.75 at diamond — more on this difference between tiers next. 

Gold Member Benefits

The entry-level tier, which all new signees are automatically defaulted into. As you’d probably expect, benefits are pretty bare-bones at this level.

With a minimum deposit of $300, gold players earn a 15-percent play bonus. This can be maxed out to $500 in earnings, which would require a hefty deposit of about $3,333. A rollover requirement of 6X will be tacked to the bonus earnings. 

On top of this, gold members are also entitled to one free Bitcoin payout per day. Honestly, this is nothing to write home about, as many competing sportsbooks offer it as well, whether they have a loyalty program or not.  

Platinum Member Benefits

The perks here are similar to gold but just ramped up. Minimum deposits of $300 are still matched at 15 percent. However, the max bonus is now $750 instead of $500. The playthrough requirement remains at 6X. 

One free Bitcoin payment also carries over into the platinum tier. The only new benefit is that platinum-level players accumulate BetPoints at a 10 percent faster clip than gold ones, which is no small thing. 

To earn Platinum status, players must top 30,000 BetPoints over a 12-month span. 

Diamond Member Benefits

Here again, the perks are pretty consistent with platinum and gold, just on “steroids” if you will. This top-level is unlocked after reaching 300,000 BetPoints in a 12-month period. 

The difference is diamond players can earn a max bonus of $3000 off the same 15-percent match. They’ll also earn BetPoints 10 percent quicker than platinum players.

However, an exclusive perk to diamond status is access to “VIP” customer service. This toll-free number is separate from BetDSI’s regular service line and is available 24/7 for diamond players. 

Visit our BetDsi review for further details.

BetJamaica/BetDSI Sportsbook Bonus

Sign-up bonuses at any given betting site are almost a guarantee at this point. With that said, you’ll find one at BetDSI, too.

For first-time sports bettors to the site, their first deposit will be matched dollar-for-dollar (100 percent) up to $500. That’s a pretty middle-of-the-road deal to be candid. Identical bonuses are available at a plethora of other sites, making BetDSI’s bonus good, but not great, either.  

Bonus money earned can only be used in the sportsbook, not casino (they have a separate deal, which we’ll get to soon). Moreover, a 20X rollover is tied to the bonus before it becomes withdrawable.  

Once you’ve exhausted the sign-up bonus, you can still earn money via BetDSI’s reload bonus. Every re-up into your sports betting account will be matched at 30 percent up to $2500. That max potential is one of the highest across the industry when it comes to reload bonuses. 

The BetDSI reload bonus has no caps on redemption, either. You can claim it every single time you re-up. However, a 10X rollover applies to earnings, which is a pretty modest number, especially considering the $2500 max. 

BetJamaica/BetDSI Racebook Cashback Bonus

To put it mildly, the BetDSI racebook is pretty extensive. Racing odds are available around-the-clock and they post lines for events outside of the United States. 

On any exotic horse bet, BetDSI will rebate 8 percent of your total wagered amount. Even on wins or place and show wagers, the betting site will return 3 percent of it in the form of cashback. That’s a welcome change to the money-back bonuses on net losses only that many competitors offer. 

BetJamaica/BetDSI Casino Bonus

Like the sportsbook, BetDSI offers a 100-percent welcome bonus to casino players. It too, requires a minimum deposit of $50 to unlock and can be topped out at $500 in winnings. 

Again, the free play earned can only be wagered in the casino — not sportsbook. If you gravitate more toward slots or table games than say sports betting, this bonus is tailor-made for you! 

The casino also offers a cashback program, not unlike the one ponied up in the racebook. However, the casino rebate program is a lot more lucrative with a 10-percent cashback. This is paid out on a weekly basis, so you’re continually reaping the rewards inside the casino. 

BetJamaica/BetDSI Referral Bonus

This bonus is pretty straight forward: refer a friend, family member, or heck, even a stranger on the Internet, to BetDSI and you can earn up to $200 in free play

Sign-ups must come directly from your personal referral link, which can be accessed when logged into your BetDSI account. Once your referral has completed the sign-up process and made a first-time deposit of at least $100 (which is pretty small), your $200 bonus is unlocked. 

Even better, the referral bonus comes with an incredibly modest 5X rollover. That pales in comparison to many competitors where a 10X and 20X playthrough is the norm. Money earned will expire after 60 days, which shouldn’t be much of an issue, especially with a 5X rollover. 

There are zero caps to redeeming this referral bonus. So feel free to spread the word like wildfire because you’ll be rewarded handsomely for it. 

And that does it for our BetJamaica / BetDSI bonus guide. As you can tell, there’s a plethora of free money to go around at BetDSI, whether you wager on sports, horse racing, or casino. The same goes for new sign-ups or loyal players. There is something for everyone at BetDSI!