Best Bets To Advance To NCAA 2022 Final Four

Best Bets To Advance To NCAA 2022 Final Four

The best online sportsbooks for NCAAB have posted betting lines on Final Four teams and at the moment, these schools have the best odds at advancing to the tourney semis:


2022 NCAA Final Four Futures Bets

As we typically suggest with futures bets like NCAA Final Four, we're going to spread our bets around — you never want to put all your eggs in one basket. With that said, here are the four schools that evoke the most betting confidence from us right now:


The No. 1 team in the nation, Gonzaga, dueled with UCLA, the No. 2 team right before Thanksgiving. The Bulldogs won by 20 points and one left that game thinking to themselves, "is anyone even in the Zags league?" If not a stacked team like the Bruins, then who else? We don't have an answer, but hey, that just means the Bulldogs are incredibly deserving of a futures wager — probably more so than any other school

Top-ranked recruit Chet Holmgren has been better than expected for the Zags. Against UCLA, he put up 15 points, six rebounds, and four blocks. Holmgren (and his 7-foot-6 wingspan) has uncanny shot-blocking ability and can guard almost anyone on the floor. And did we mention the kid can shoot lights out too? Welp, he can!

Holmgren might be the best player in the nation (more on this shortly) and it's never a bad idea to back a tournament team with a game-changing player like that. And yes, we're well aware of Gonzaga's shortcomings in the postseason, but there really might not be a team as talented as them. Don't overthink it and put down a futures bet on the Bulldogs!

Gonzaga To advance to the 2022 Final Four


If Holmgren isn't the best collegiate player alive, then it has to be the Blue Devil's Paolo Banchero. One of these two will be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft come next summer. But here's the difference between the two: Banchero could play in the NBA right now and be a big contributor for most teams.

Unlike the wiry-framed Holmgren, Banchero is already an imposing specimen. The 19-year old is 6-foot-10 and lugs around 250 pounds — which would make him on the big side in the NBA. So far, he is averaging 17.8 points (while shooting 55 percent from the field), 8.0 rebounds, 2.0 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. Those numbers rival what Zion Williamson was doing for Duke a few years ago. 

With how impactful Banchero is, he gives the Blue Devils a high chance of winning every single game. That's something to admire in a sport that's susceptible to one player "taking over" like basketball is. Therefore, Duke becomes another bet worth considering heavily. 

Duke To advance to the 2022 Final Four


Since the rationale behind our first two picks was, more or less, they have the best freshman talent in the nation, we wanted to go a separate direction with this choice. Kansas is not a one-man show. No, the Jayhawks have an experienced core — four of its top-five scorers from last year's 21-9 team are back — that's played with each other for years now.

That's an X-factor worth considering come March Madness time when the lights will be brightest (and loudest with fans back in the stands). That pressure is a lot for most 19-year-old freshmen to handle, whether they're NBA-bound or not. This dichotomy makes Kansas a very attractive bet in this case. 

Kansas To advance to the 2022 Final Four


The Rolling Tide gets overlooked in basketball for a lot of reasons. One, it's known as a "football school" to begin with. Two, it doesn't have a lot of historical success unlike the Blue Devils or Jayhawks of the world. But all this does is create a betting opportunity for you to take advantage of!

Seriously, Alabama hoops is better than oddsmakers are giving them credit for. With a guard-heavy lineup, they're a matchup nightmare for many teams across the country. Give them the right tournament draw and the Tide could realistically sneak into the Final Four. 

Alabama To advance to the 2022 Final Four

How To Bet On College Basketball?

Of course, you don't have to wait until March Madness to get action on NCAA basketball betting. It's available right now and up until the tourney at online sportsbooks. If you want to get the best betting prices online, you should begin with the bookies we've listed in the underneath table. 

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