Must-Make Bets On Haney vs. Prograis Boxing Fight

Must-Make Bets On Haney vs. Prograis Boxing Fight

Finally, it’s time for Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis. This was supposed to take place at the end of October but is now a go for this December. We’re about to break down the title fight before offering our best bets on Haney vs. Prograis. Our confidence level that these bets hit is high so keep on reading.

  • What: Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis
  • When: December 9, 2023
  • Where: Chase Center in San Francisco, California

Haney vs. Prograis Breakdown

Let’s begin our breakdown of Haney and Prograis with a look-see at the current betting odds. These are available at the top betting sites for boxing. As it stands, Haney is the clear-cut moneyline favorite across the board. See for yourself:

Regris Prograis+290+290+290
Devin Haney-390-390-390

The big story of this fight is Haney moving up to junior welterweight. Haney is the current undisputed lightweight champion of the world — belts he’s holding and has not vacated yet. In his first go at 140 pounds, Haney gets WBC champion Prograis. Honestly, the move-up in weight doesn’t concern us all that much. Haney has never been — and never will be — a power puncher. That’s what’s most affected by going up in weight, but not a skill Haney falls back on often.

Prograis is 34 years old (and 35 in January) so he’s a grizzled veteran compared to Haney at 25. He’s lost only once in 30 career fights to Josh Taylor in a very disputed fight (it ended in a majority decision). The thing about Prograis though is he’s never quite faced upper echelon talent. Haney, to his credit, has as good of a resume as you’d want out of such a young fighter. The youngster has continuously pushed himself, including in this move-up fight.

As for the fight styles, it’s quite the contrast. Prograis is usually an aggressor. He loves coming forward, punching inside, and “going for broke” with his power. Of his 29 wins, 24 have ended in KO. Haney couldn’t be any more different. He prefers to jab, jab, and jab some more. With his speed — both with his feet and punches — that strategy ends up being very effective.

Haney vs. Prograis Betting Picks

We will not be betting the Haney-Prograis moneyline. Why? There’s just not that much money to make off of it. Instead, we’re digging into the prop market to find some betting value. Here are two bets which have caught our attention:

Fight To Go The Distance

Here’s a simple enough bet, yes or no, will this fight go the full 12 rounds? Here’s your two betting options:

Go To The Distance?BovadaBetUSMyBookie

Prograis is a knockout artist, and Haney is a decision machine. So the way you bet this really depends on who you think will win the fight. Personally, we see Haney earning the victory so betting yes, the fight will go the distance, makes the most sense.

To us, this fight might be reminiscent of Haney vs. George Kambosos — both fights. Haney became undisputed champion by beating the Australian in his own home twice. That fight was almost all jabs from Haney. Stick, move, stick, move, and repeat for 12 rounds. Kambosos, the much heavier puncher, never got into a rhythm and lost by unanimous decision each time.

Prograis doesn’t have the speed to keep pace with Haney. His gas tank is nothing to write home about and is over-reliant on landing a big shot. Haney is too quick to let that happen. Expect a surgical performance out of Haney that goes to the judges' scorecard.

Yes fight to go the distance

Exact Fight Outcome Prop Bet

We already called Haney by decision. However, that outcome has the best betting value if you bet it directly against the other outcomes (KO for instance). Here’s a list of betting options, including those for an upset Prograis win:

Prograis by Stoppage+500+500+500
Prograis by Decision+750+750+750
Haney by Stoppage+600+600+600
Haney by Decision-225-225-225

If you think Haney is winning, getting him at -225 odds is as good as it’s going to get. Yes, +600 for a KO is appealing, but it’s just not in Haney’s wheelhouse. His fight plan is to get the win and get out of there. He’s smart enough to avoid staying stationary and possibly getting caught by the stronger Prograis.

As we said, expect a lot of jabs from Haney. No power punches and honestly, probably not many combos either. Call it boring, but no opponent has been able to stop this predictable plan because of Haney’s flawless execution. Bet on the same to happen here.

Haney by decision vs. Prograis

How To Bet On Prograis vs. Haney?

You might as well get in your Prograis vs. Haney bets right now. We’ve given you two high-confident plays, now it’s on you to decide just how much money to put on ‘em. Once you decide, one of the following sportsbooks can take your action. Per our latest sportsbook reviews, these sites lead the way in boxing prices so you’ll be getting max value by gambling at any one of ‘em.

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