2024 World Series Predictions That Will Pay

2024 World Series Predictions That Will Pay

We’re days away from MLB Opening Day, this is the quintessential time to make World Series predictions for 2024. That’s exactly what this article is about. For expert advice on who to bet and who not to bet, keep on reading!

2024 World Series Odds

You have to love this time of year when the majority of the MLB’s 30 teams are optimistic. However, if we’re being honest, only a few of those clubs have actual championship potential. Which ones, you ask? Well let’s take a look at the latest World Series odds, available at the best MLB betting sites:

Los Angeles Dodgers+350+350+350
Atlanta Braves+450+450+450
Houston Astros+750+750+750
New York Yankees+1000+1000+1000
Texas Rangers+1200+1200+1200
Baltimore Orioles+1200+1200+1200
Philadelphia Phillies+1400+1400+1400

These odds are going to fluctuate wildly from now until the playoffs start in October. Injuries, coaching changes, slumps, and momentum will go a long way in reshuffling the title pecking order. But for now, let’s make some early picks that have the potential of paying big toward the end of the year!

2024 World Series Betting Advice

You have to make multiple World Series betting picks. It’s a must before the season starts because, well, a lot can happen from now until the Fall Classic. So think of this as “hedging” your bets.

Speaking of which, don’t get too risky right now. These should be smaller-sized bets because again, there are a lot unknown variables waiting to trip you up this year. But also small bets because the odds are quite long across the board. It won’t take much money to come up nicely on a win. With that out of the way, here are the teams we’re putting money on to win the World Series (and who we’re avoiding):

Houston Astros

This should be a no-brainer bet. No brainer because Houston — not Los Angeles — has been THE model franchise over the past decade. Amazingly, this team has made it to the ALCS seven straight times. Only one other team in league history, the 1990s Braves, has ever done that. Two of those ALCS trips were capped with World Series titles, as well. As a bettor, this is a type of trend you want to ride all the way to the bank.

The core of this run is still in the mix this season — Jose Altuve, Yordan Alvarez, Alex Bergman, Lance McCullers Jr., and hell, even Justin Verlander is still going. They are joined by offseason acquisition Josh Hader this year. Houston spent $90 million on Hader to beef up a bullpen that gave it issues all of 2023.

Critics might say the Astros are waging and that might be true, but as far as we can tell, the AL still goes through Houston. The league isn’t nearly as difficult as the NL so we’re sticking with the Astros here.

Houston Astros to win 2024 World Series

Philadelphia Phillies

Atlanta and Los Angeles are the popular World Series picks out in the NL, but we’re going against the grain and choosing Philadelphia instead. They’re the new rising power, having made it to two straight NLCS (and almost two World Series). Getting Philly at +1400 odds just screams value to us.

Phillies have a tough battle in the NL East with Atlanta in the mix, but as far as we can tell, Philadelphia has their number. They’ve eliminated the Braves two straight times in the postseason — despite not having won the division title those years.

Philadelphia Phillies to win 2024 World Series

Los Angeles Dodgers

Do NOT put money on Los Angeles. That’s a big NO, got it? We couldn’t help but finish off with this piece of betting advice because deciding who not to bet is sometimes just as important as who you do pick.

Per usual, the Dodgers are the World Series favorites. But even then, the hype is even stronger than usual this year with the “Boys in Blue.” That’s because the franchise signed the general superstar Shohei Ohtani over the summer. The hybrid hitter and pitcher was the lion’s share of $1 billion in contracts LA signed this offseason. Yes, billion.

But even then, we’re not buying a Dodgers futures ticket. Haven’t we learned our lesson yet? This team, for all their big contracts, are perennial chokers in the playoffs. We’re convinced that remains the case even with Ohtani — who is not expected to pitch this season, mind you. Save your money and skip any Dodgers bet this season.

How To Bet On World Series Futures?

World Series futures are just one special bet you can make right now. Similar bets can be placed on the pennant, divisions, or MVP winner, amongst others. To get a full list of MLB futures wagers, we recommend hitting one of the sites below. Per our newest sportsbook reviews, these are the “best of the best” the industry has to offer for MLB gambling.

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