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Daily NBA Picks

Daily NBA Picks

Congratulations, you have made it: After too much waiting, opening night for the 2020-21 NBA postseason season is almost here. With the regular season closing out, we are here to steer your betting in the right direction for all the games, with the help of TopBet's game lines.

NBA Betting Guidance 

Brooklyn Nets (+225)

The Brooklyn Nets are the best team in the league on paper. They have a stacked roster with Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant lining up in the same team. While their form hasn't been consistent throughout the regular season, we expect them to go up a gear in the postseason.

There's a lot of expectancy of Brooklyn's stars and we think they're ready to rise to the challenge. LeBron has been injured for some time now and the Clippers haven't looked the same since Doc Rivers moved East.

If ever was an opportunity for a team in the East to clinch the title, it's now. Moreover, if there was ever a team that could do it, it's this Nets team. 

They have given up the top spot in the Conference to Doc Rivers' 76ers, after a string of poor games in recent weeks. However, their spot in the postseason is secured and this is the main thing Steve Nash will be concerned about.

While we cannot be sure how they'll perform in the postseason, we would wager that they'll bring their A-game. Durant spent all season watching the games unfold, without being able to participate. Now, with the likes of Harden and Irving on either side of him, he's looked like he's playing in the kind of form we saw during his GSW days.

brookly nets betting picks

The Pick: Brooklyn Nets (+225)

Brooklyn Nets To win the 2020-21 NBA Championship

Milwaukee Bucks (+900)

As always, the Bucks must be considered when it comes to the postseason. It hasn't been the usual dominance in the East that Giannis and the Milwaukee roster are used to with a strong Nets side and the emergence of a brilliant 76ers team. Nonetheless, they have been picking things up as we approach the latter stages of the NBA Regular Season.

They are in great form right now and with their spot in the Playoffs secured, you might forgive them for letting up. However, the importance of going into the postseason in top form cannot be underplayed, something Mike Budenholzer recognizes.

The addition of Jrue holiday didn't seem like such a good move at the first, but as the season has gone on he's certainly looked the part. He has really helped take some of the pressure off of Khris Mid, who has struggled to fill the position of the second man to Giannis in recent seasons. 

The ever-present Brook Lopez has once again shown his quality, but there's still a good amount of work to do if the Bucks want to compete in the postseason. They haven't been the dominating force in the big matchups this season, which is a great indicator of how things will go once the Regular Season ends. But, as we've seen many times before, the postseason often means we see teams playing totally differently. 

The Pick: Milwaukee Bucks (+900)

Milwaukee Bucks To win the 2020-21 NBA Championship

Dallas Mavericks (+4000)

The Dallas Mavericks are definitely a long shot this season, but they have started to play a really good game in recent months. Luka Doncic has been at the center of everything playing MVP standard basketball in recent weeks. 

The likes of Tim Hardaway Jr., KP, and newcomer Josh Richardson have looked very sharp. There is a team in there and they showed it during last seasons' Playoffs only narrowly missing out against the Clippers.

While we don't think they have what it takes to compete with the best in some senses, Luka Doncic is easily one of the best players around and is capable of carrying this team on his shoulders against the very best in the league. It will be a tough postseason, but if they keep the momentum up they have now they'll be going into the postseason in a strong position. 

Milwaukee Bucks betting picks

The Pick: Dallas Mavericks (+4000)

Dallas Mavericks To win the 2020-21 NBA Championship

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