Betting Predictions On Messi’s Next Team

Messi team betting

Leo Messi is a free agent at the season’s end when his contract expires with PSG. Of course, speculation is swirling about where the arguable G.O.A.T. of the sport ends up next — back to Spain? USA? Saudi Arabia? Back in Argentina? That speculation has hit top-used soccer betting sites because there are odds for it right now. If you keep reading, we’ll drop our expert predictions on where Messi plays next.

But first, let’s take a look at the most realistic options and each of their respective betting lines. At this moment, oddsmakers have marked the following teams as favorites to land Messi:

Inter Miami+700+700+700
Any Saudi team+200+200+200
Man City+1600+1600+1600
Newell's Old Boys+5000+5000+5000

We should mention, this bet is strictly if Messi leaves PSG. You’ll notice that PSG isn’t even an option to choose above. So if you’re of the belief that Messi returns to Paris, then it’s best to skip this bet. However, we are not of that belief and have our rationale below.

Messi’s Next Team Betting Advice

The writing is on the wall for Messi in Paris. Fans are booing him, the team isn’t any more successful with him on it, and it just hasn’t been a good pairing since Messi left Barcelona in 2021. In our eyes, he’s out of there but where to next? We have Messi betting advice, not only who his next team is, but just as importantly who the next team is NOT. Allow us to explain below:

Skip Betting On This Team

The betting favorite to get Messi next is Barca. It makes sense, doesn’t it? A legend returning to the place that made him is a sports tale as old as time. Not only that but Barcelona brass have made it obvious in public that they’d welcome Messi back with open arms.

But here’s the elephant in the room that few are talking about: Barcelona is still in a financial mess, and has been since the pandemic. The team has to cut more than $100 million in salaries to comply with La Liga’s financial regulations. That’s not a small amount by any stretch of the imagination. The club being knocked out of the Champions League early only makes that budget deficit even greater too.

Some have brought up Messi offering a “discount” but we don’t buy that one bit. The now 35-year-old Messi is reaching the twilight of his career and possibly earning potential, he isn’t about to trim his salary — especially not when he’s still the most bankable star in the world.

So in other words, Barcelona can’t really afford Messi, not without gutting the roster. Doing so for an aging player is not a smart move in the slightest. We’re skipping a bet on a Barcelona-Messi reunion. It’s great in theory, but once you look at the actual schematics, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Bet On This Team To Land Messi

After winning the World Cup, there’s nothing that Messi hasn’t already accomplished on the pitch. He’s collected all the individual and team hardware there is to collect in this sport — so maybe Messi is prioritizing family time and money with his looming decision. If that’s the case, which we have a hunch it is, going to a non-European team (where there’s no pressure to win another Champions League) makes the most sense.

With that said, there are two teams that fit the bill — Inter Miami in MLS and a Saudi-based team. Honestly, either team makes sense. Miami has a strong Argentinian population, whereas the Saudis have the most money to offer. If Ronaldo got $200-plus million for two years from Saudi’s Al Nassr, Messi could fetch something similar, not bad at this stage of his career.

It could come down to relationships here. Inter Miami owner David Beckham has a strong friendship with Messi. However, Messi has also sponsorships with Saudi Arabia around tourism so he’s familiar with the country already.

Our gut tells us Messi is Saubi-bound. As we've seen with LIV Golf or the World Cup, these Gulf countries have zero care about generating profits. Sports are used as PR moves and luring Messi — at whatever cost it takes — would be another big get for Saudi Arabia. For Messi, there's no other club offering this type of money too. To us, it feels written in the stars.

Messi to play with a Saudi team next

How To Bet On Messi’s Next Team?

Messi’s next team is a special bet available at select bookies. The five bookmakers listed underneath all carry the wager so we’d start there if we were you. Each of these sites earned high grades in our newest sportsbook reviews, specifically because they roll out all the stops when it comes to soccer betting. So go for a Messi futures bet, but stick around for the usual dose of soccer bets on Premier League, La Liga, and international tourneys.

Best of all, these bookies offer all sorts of sportsbook bonuses. Deals can reach as much as $2500 in free play at select sites so it’s not chump change. See the table underneath for a list of offers available at this moment. Leverage one right away and this Messi bet could be “on the house.”